Indian Medical Association Manipur observes National Doctors` Day


IMPHAL, July 1: Five retired doctors of the state were today felicitated during the National Doctors’ Day at the IMA House, Lamphelpat.

Indian Medical Association: Courtesy: IMA Site

The function, organized by the Indian Medical Association, Manipur Branch was presided over by Dr Kh Palin.

The five retd doctors, retd Addl Director, Manipur Health Service, Dr LF Tusing, retd Senior Consultancy Gynaecologist, Dr Thingom Rani Devi, retd Senior Surgeon/Med Superintendent CCpur District Hospital, Dr M Lachinkhai, retd Senior Surgeon/Med Superintendent, CCpur District Hospital  Dr Thangkhanpiang Hatzaw and retd Joint Director Family Welfare Department, Dr Binapani Laishram  also acted as the guests of honour of the observation.

In his presidential speech, Dr Kh Palin said doctors need to be strong with a healthy mind and body.

He continued doctors should maintain a healthy relation with their patients and should have frequent interactions with their patient.

While expressing gratitude for the felicitation, Dr Tusing said he had never been felicitated like this even at his native place.

He said that because of the dedication of the doctors of the region, Manipur is considered the best in the medical field in the North East region.

He elaborated that a doctor’s success lies in his genuine interest towards the treatment of the patients.

The retd doctor ended his speech on a funny note by quoting Benjamin Franklin, “God heals and the doctor takes the fees”.

Dr Thangkhanpiang Hatzaw in his address said in his profession one has to be able to enjoy it or else life would be too boring or tiresome.

The greatest joy in my life has been when a patient recovers successfully, he continued.

He added that the doctors should not indulge in such leisure as observing a doctors’ day, but should be continuously involved in looking after the patients.

Sharing the advice he received from his seniors during his PG times, he said, “Work until you nearly die”.

Elaborating on the need for an occasional experiment and to divert from what is written in the books, the retd doctor said experimentation is much needed in a doctor’s profession however with prior permission from the patient party.

Giving credit to God, he said, “I treat but God heals”, before adding, “I cannot be here without God’s help and succeed in life”.

Dr Binapani said she is fully satisfied with the fact that she has served for 33 years of her life in the state.

“I have worked half of my career span in the rural areas and the other half in the administrative blocks”.

She added she has received full support from both her husband and mother in law in her chosen profession.

Elaborating on the way to success in her profession, she urged her younger colleagues to work with love, sincerity, punctuality and devotion, which would certainly act as stepping stones to their success.

Dr Thingom Rani in her speech identified a real doctor as someone who is dedicated and loyal towards his/her work. A doctor’s life is full of hardships and obstacles and a good doctor should know how to face them.

Dr M Lachinkhai also said life and death is not in our hands but it is in the hands of God, nonetheless it is our duty to look after the patients who are suffering.


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