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July 23 `encounter` case still in limbo

IMPHAL, July 22: The family members of Chungkham Sanjit and Thokchom Rabina who were killed in Khwairamband firing incident of July 23, 2009 have expressed dissatisfaction over the conduct of the state government and Central Bureau of Investigation in dealing with the case.  

The Tehelka Magazine had already exposed in a series of photographs that Chungkham Sanjit was killed by Manipur Police Commandos in cold blood inside Maimu Pharmacy at BT Road. The third death anniversary of Sanjit and Rabina falls tomorrow.  

Mother of Chungkham Sanjit shows a banner of photographs published by Tehelka Magazine.

In an interaction with IFP this afternoon, mother of Chungkham Sanjit, Chungkham Ongbi Inaotombi told that Sanjit was her eldest son. Her husband Chungkham Khellen is now the lone breadwinner of the family who is working in a workshop at Maram.

The state government has handed over the case to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) following intense agitations launched by the Joint Action Committee against the Brutal Killing of Thokchom Rabina and Chungkham Sanjit. However, there is no sign of progress in the case despite the charge-sheet submitted by the CBI against nine personnel of Manipur Police Commanddo, Inaotombi lamented.

The family has only received Rs. four lakhs from the state government through the local MLA Ng Bijoy but a government job to the next of kin as promised by the Chief Minister is yet to be fulfilled, Sanjit’s mother stated.

Inaotombi asserted that she along with the locals of Khurai would offer floral tribute to the Khwairamband victims at the third death anniversary to be held at Lamsang Keithel Community Hall tomorrow.

The family members of Thokchom Rabina said that they did not believe in the words of the state government and that the CBI investigating the Khwairamband incident is also questionable.

Three years have passed since the incident but justice has not been done so far, claimed Rabina’s husband Chinglensana.

Rabina’s mother-in-law Thokchom Ongbi Memi and sister-in-law Laijalembi Devi also decried the delayed investigation of the case.

The family members of Rabina had received Rs. five lakh from the state government. However, a fixed deposit of Rs. 3 lakhs has been made at State Bank of India in name of Rabina’s six-year-old son while Rs. one lakh was taken by the JAC and the remaining was used in the religious rituals and other family matters, stated Chinglensana.

Rabina’s six-year-old son now studies at Heritage Convent, Uripok. The school authorities have exempted the admission fee and tuition fees though van fare, school uniform, text books and other items are borne by the family members. Chinglensana is now working as a salesman at Thangal Bazar.

Chinglensana’s sister-in-law Laijalembi is taking care of the little boy and he addresses her as “mummy”. The gruesome picture of Khwairamband firing incident still haunts the little boy.

Meanwhile, the third death anniversary will be held at Lamsang Keithel Community Hall tomorrow in presence of Apunba Lup coordinator Phulindro Konsam, Ayekpam Langdon Leima, Sunil Karam, Poirei Leimarol presient L Memchoubi, AMKIL president Ph Sakhi and Kanglamei president T Leirik.


  1. Disgusting,dehumanising and demeaning.
    one is simply baffled at how we have been blatantly denied justice? Lives are priceless,and we do understand that it wouldnt come back even if we punished those. To do justice means
    1) sending a message to those public functionaries that they should follow rule of law,if not they are liable
    2) It will repose the faith of the people in the system and arrest increasing cynicism
    3)It will atleast console the victim’s family
    4)The failure to do justice only strengthens the genuineness of anti-afspa movement
    5)It will create an ambience of security safeguard and goodwill
    6)it will deter future injustice
    7)it will help those culprits to cleanse of sins for their inhuman treatment and their authoritative injustice to an overpowered youth,innocent pregnant and the mental torture to the public

    in view of these merits i felt govt and its agencies should without fail come to an impartial conclusion of the case.those culprits should be allowed to confess if they are ready to do so.


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