Manipur State Assembly Session: PDS system to get improve soon in Manipur: Minister


Jul 4,  7:20 PM| Newsonair
Manipur Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Minister, Mr. M. Okendro has told Manipur State Assembly Session on Wednesday that measures taken up by his department to better public distribution system will start showing its result within fifteen days.

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Manipur as seen on Google Maps

Replying to a Calling Attention Motion moved by Dr. I. Ibohalbi Singh of Trinamool Congress, Mr. Okendro said that open distribution of kerosene oil to every assembly constituency with the knowledge of the concerned MLAs and local media will start very soon.

He further said that his department is planning for a strategy to be enforced with the help of security agencies to check mixing of kerosene oil to petrol and diesel. He said that under the scheme only tested petrol and diesel oil will be allowed to transport in Manipur.


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