MPP conference dwells on protecting land


IMPHAL, July 22: The Manipur Peoples’ Party, Singjamei Kendra today announced its new executives at the party conference held at Singjamei Community Hall, Singjamei, Imphal.

Speaking at the conference, H Nabashyam emphasized the need of framing a suitable land law to protect the land.

“When tourism industry is considered as a source of income for other states, there is an apprehension that booming tourism is a threat to Manipur. It is because our land is not secured as there is no law to protect it”, stated Nabashyam.

Continuing his speech, he said that Manipur must imitate how regional parties in South India plays an important role in safeguarding its people and the land.

Mention may be made that Manipur People’s Party is the oldest and the first party to govern the state though it performed badly in the last state assembly elections.

While condemning the present Congress government as the brainchild of Centre, Nabashyam asserted that the people’s interests are never taken into account. Even for a petty issue the centre is consulted, not the people, he added.

He said, “In the event of MPP regaining its power in the government, the common people are to be consulted for any issue, as against other national parties who have the habit of ignoring the people’s sentiment”.

Continuing his tirade against the congress he said that when the congress secured 42 out of 60 seats, they still needs an approval from the centre to frame laws. In such cases MPP will ask peoples’ approval”.

The newly elected executives of Singjamei MPP were Kh Biramani Singh, N Mangi Singh, T Debash, Kh Jadumani and Kh Sanjeev as the new president,vice-president, treasurer, general secretary and secretary of the Kendra respectively.


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