MPP flags ILP demand


IMPHAL, July 3: The Manipur Peoples’ Party has also joined the bandwagon of organizations seeking the implementation of the Inner Line Permit system in the state.

Speaking at a press meet today at party office MPP President Sanasam Umananda said that the government should implement the Inner Line Permit in the state which was abolished in 1950 by the then Chief Commissioner of Manipur Himmat Singh.

The Inner Line Regulation was there during the British Raj, he added.

Elaborating on the need of ILP Umananda said, due to the large scale influx of non-locals into the state, the population of the indigenous population would soon be overtaken by the non-locals. In such a scenario the indigenous traditions and culture would surely be affected.

He further urged the state government and the concerned Minister to consider the issue seriously as the continued influx of foreigners and non-locals into the state has adversely affected the demography of the state.

The MPP further said that the state MPs have failed to advocate state issues at the Indian Parliament and further urged the MPs to take up issues like the ILP before the Parliament.

Meanwhile reacting to the Agriculture Dept’s assurance that the state is fully prepared to face any drought, the MPP secretary, M Maniton said that the state could be facing drought like situation in the near future and as such the government should take up steps to meet any such situation.

Reacting to the Agriculture Dept’s appeal to wait till mid-July for sufficient rain in the state, he said there is no need to wait for that.

Instead of waiting the government should start preparation of meeting any drought like situation in the state.

He also said that the party rejects the amount allocated in the agriculture sector from the 2012-13 state budget.  

The government should allocate a larger amount of the state Budget to the agriculture sector in order to encourage a green revolution in the state, he said.


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