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Multi-talented singer enters politics to change society

By Hatneichonghoi
IMPHAL, July 14: Known as the king of stage performance among the Kuki tribe, Maneithangja has managed to capture the hearts of many people with his multi-dimensional talents.

With his long hair and cowboy hat, he is also fancied for his similarity to Hollywood star Johny Depp.

A producer, lyricist, actor, composer and now a politician, Maneithangja has promoted his community with the help of his talents.

He was much loved during a recent performance at New Delhi.

Keeping aside his love for music as a hobby, the multi-talented has taken up another occupation in his endeavor to develop the society and his community.

His love for social work attracted him towards politics and was elected as a Member of the Kangpokpi District Council in 2011 from Saikul block no 2.

Maneithangmang Kipgen was born on January 22, 1970 at Bongbalkholen, Sadar Hills, East Manipur, to (L) Ngamkhothang Kipgen and (L) Lamkhochin Kipgen.

In an interview with this reporter of the IFP, he said, he did his higher secondary at Johnstone higher secondary school, Imphal and graduated from DM College, Imphal.

Maneithangmang is also regarded by many as promoter and harbinger of Kuki modern rock music.

Seen mostly in western attires mix with traditional dresses, he is known for his unique lyrics and fashion.

He wrote his first song “Kimrose ka lungsetna letter”(My love letter to Kimrose) and was sung by Michael Luncha in the year 1993 during a peace mission known as Peace and Solidatary March from Imphal to Moreh which he also attended as a representative from KSO.

He dedicated his latest song to the MDC’s of Saikul.

Among his many hit and popular songs, he touches the heart of many young and old through his song “Queen Of The Ring” dedicated to the magnificent Mary Kom, the pride of Manipur through her contribution towards sports.

Through his song, “Lungset um numei hinkho”(The misery life of women) he showed the life of women and explored their want and need of love, care and support. Through his song he has inspired many women and gave hope.

He have a special and unique way of expressing the beautifulness of women making them and giving them the feeling of preciousness and importance.

The song “Joujam hel a che kit tange” greatly influenced many youngster in their quest for romance.

The singer is well-known amongst all tribes with even children heard humming his song everywhere because of his style of composition, dress and unique personality.

He said as everything is made by God, everything has the right to be praised according to their specialty, and by doing so he has only made his lyrics more unique.

He further acknowledged that it is still not only difficult but impossible to have singing as a profession in our present society.

There is still no proper infrastructure, sponsors, marketing and public co-operation. He feels that as a lover of music and society that development of the society he could uplift the society’s identity, culture and tradition through his music.

However he cannot succeed in his uplifting his society only through his songs and as such he has entered politics, he added.

As a politician and MDC he said that his first and foremost objective is to build a multipurpose hall at every district.

He wants to uplift Education in the hill areas to give equal facilities of education and upgrade every district council school and to upgrade better communication and transportation for the advancement of marketing vegetable for the farmer and also to promote for better economy.

He further appealed to all the politicians to take up their duties as charity work and to work sincerely for the upliftment of the society and not forget that they are representatives of the people.

He said that politics has now become his life and singing his hobby, he is now kneen to work full time for the betterment of the society in every possible way.

He also expressed his wish to conduct live shows in all the districts of the state as before.



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