Objection to ILP implementation is unconstitutional: MPP


IMPHAL, July 10: The objection raised by the Ministry of Home Affairs in the implementation of Inner Line Permit System in Manipur is against the provisions of Article 19 of the Indian Constitution, stated a release of Manipur People’s Party.

The MPP further mentioned that the Indian Constitution guarantees to every citizen the freedom of residence and settlement in any part of the country, however such freedom can be restricted in the interests of the general public or for the protection of the interest of scheduled tribes. So, implementation of Inner Line Permit System is a constitutional right and no one can raise objection to it.

The inability of the state Congress government to take a decision on ILP implementation without the consent of the Centre shows its weakness. The Congress Party knows well the ill consequences of non-implementation of ILP in the state, however the 42 Congress MLAs of the state have remained as mere spectators, it stated.

The MPP further warned the state government not to invite the people of Manipur for another uprising in the state and demanded the amendment of Manipur Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act, 1960 to prevent non-locals from acquiring land in the state.


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