Of Mr A and Mr B


By Paojel Chaoba

If a stance is taken, then come hell or high water, let the strikes begin and let no compromise be made ,no settlement than the urged demand. Let us all clench our teeth and struggle for the better.

One can mention that the State has seen worse times,it may be safe to say that some of the problems which have vexed the state in the past have lessened.

When individuals visiting from other areas and countries arrive, some voice apprehension of the law and order situation in the state. Manipur is veritably viewed as a killing field but after visits to the popular tourist spots, that feeling of apprehension is subsided.

Those of the Home department state that law and order has improved, it may be so. There has been a dearth in forced disappearances and fake encounters. The month of June and July which has witnessed public upraising against human rights violations by armed personnel as in the cases of Thangjam Manorama, June Uprising day and July 23 Khwairamband bazaar killing of Sanjit and Rabina to mention a few have created the impression that Manipur usually witness some sort of a trouble situation during these months.

Well so far so good, yet the month of July is not yet over and it may be too soon to count our lucky stars.

The law and situation is for the police and other security forces to handle, but the problem faced by the public is the lack of fuel among others.

Though the concerned minister of Public Distribution has initiated impressive measures for holistic redressal, the situation still looms large and the public is still panicky.

Manipur may be the state which witnesses the longest queues, the snake line of automobiles with weary owners waiting their turn at the petrol depot is a recurring phenomenon and the problem still persists, which begs the question of what the State Government is doing?

Waiting for hours for fuel, braving the elements is not seen elsewhere and the situation is simply not acceptable.

The condition mostly arise due to economic blockades imposed on the Highways by certain organizations urging their demands. Be it for a ‘major’ issue of highjacking of an automobile or demand for an alternative arrangement. The supposed unlawful activity is perpetrated at will and the state still remains a mute spectator. Waiting for the conclusive agreement between the civil bodies and government eats up time and despite the arrival of trucks under escort, the public is extorted by the businessmen by blaming it on the situation.

Needless to say, black marketers thrive during times of economic blockade and the public is left high and dry. It may be an incriminating thought, but one wonders if the organizations imposing their stance along the highways have been bribed by the businessmen to do so. Are there no other means for the bodies rather than resorting to blockades ? What noticeable landmark has been achieved from such stances rather than strangling the common man.

Civil organizations may have their own justifications, but if the notion of ‘The end justifies the means’ is the underlying principle, then a major rethink is recommended. If Mr A and Mr B have houses along the same lane, and Mr B has a grudge against the Government and block Mr A’s passage as a means of protest. Well ! Mr B ought to hear what the rest of the public has to say in his stance.

It is perceived that civil bodies work for the betterment of the state. They have agendas which are for public benefit. The mode of protest may vary from one organization to another as the think tanks have different mindsets. The protest for the removal of AFSPA from the state is a genuine demand and endorsed by the public. However, the state having different communities has separate agendas. But, the demand of a particular community to the government and causing a nuisance for the rest is felt not justified.

If a stance is taken, then come hell or high water, let the strikes begin and let no compromise be made ,no settlement than the urged demand. Let us all clench our teeth and struggle for the better.

But, sporadic strikes in the same issue at the cost of the public’s comfort is just not justified. No organization can succeed in their endeavors without public co-operation.

Think ! Mr B.


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