Population Day in Imphal


IMPHAL, July 11: As in other parts of the world, the World Population Day was also observed in the state at various locations. The Director, Family Welfare Services, Manipur observed the day at its office complex at BT Road, Imphal.

Speaking at the observation, Health & Family Welfare Minister Phungzathang Tonsing said that the state is witnessing population growth at a large extent which could be explosive for the state in the long run.

Speaking on population growth and its effect on the state, he said population explosion could only harm the development of the state.

He said there is an urgent need to spread awareness on family planning in the state.

Expressing that the presence of ASHAs in the state is most welcomed, he said that they should be properly trained in child delivery as they are involved mostly in the rural areas where doctors are not easily available.

The Minister said untrained child delivery is very risky.

State Mission Director, State Health Society, Devesh Devel who was the guest of honour of the observation said that practicing family planning measures now will benefit the future generations.

The basic problem everywhere is that the population is increasing day by day and we need to think out ways to control this gradual increase of population.

He said, `The problem is not for just one state but it is for everywhere, it is a global issue that`™s why we need intervention`.

The common people mainly in the rural areas think only of the advantages of big families, however big families also have various disadvantages and as such we need to cut down the number of big families, he said.

Meanwhile, the Song and Drama Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, govt of India, Imphal Centre and District Welfare Bureau, Thoubal organized the world population day in Thoubal district.

The weeklong observation will be organized with themes on cultural programmes of songs, shortplays, martial arts, etc.

`No laws of any country have been effective enough in checking the growth of population. Even China that follows one family one child norm could never fulfill it.` said Dr S Gunadhor Singh during an observation of the World Population Day at Mayai Lampak, Thongju Pt II, IMphal East.

The observation was made with a one day extension talk program on the theme `Universal Access to reproductive Health Services`.

Continuing his speech, Dr S Gunadhor Singh said, `It is because procreation is a human instinct and it cannot be forced until the person`™s conscience feet it`.

Citing Darwin`™s `natural selection`™, Dr Gunadhor defined social selection as an order that mankind will face due to overpopulation.

In the social selection process, he said, only those who can go against the law will survive.

Manipur is one such place where social selection process is seen in its beginning stage. All these are products of overpopulation, he added.

It may be mentioned that the World population Day is being observed on July 11 since 1987. July 11, 1987 marks the day when the world population touch the billion mark.

Today`™s program was organized by the Department of Adult Continuing Education and Extension, Manipur University on the theme `Universal Access to Reproductive Health Service.`

Speaking as resource person, medical expert Dr B Gokulchandra Sharma warned of the consequence that is likely to happen due to over population.

He said, `Education is the primary means through which we can achieve the objective`, before adding that in our society, the awareness of birth control is almost negligible as a social stigma remains attached to any such measures.

Professor T. Gambhir Singh of RIMS also cited the present situation of Manipur and said it used to be a self sufficient state about a century back, however, population explosion-partly contributed by low death rate and high birth rate-has lessened the scope for survival.

Women in the age group of 20 to 30 years are best for bearing child and must not cross these limits, he suggested.

While appreciating the government initiatives on certain schemes to check overpopulation, chief guest of the function Chirom Romeo, who is also the local Pradhan, stressed the need for more awareness programs so that it reach the target audience.

President of the function and head of the organizing department Dr Lamalu Thaimei elaborated on why she chose the present venue rather than organizing the observation inside the university campus.

She made herself clear that the main target was to create awareness mainly to illiterate and semi-illiterate youths.

University students knew the problem well, she explained.


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