Ration racket at Sainik School Imphal Manipur


IMPHAL, July 4: A few employees of Sainik School Imphal are minting money out of the ration meant for the cadets and the school.

One of the most prestigious institutions of the state, Sainik School Imphal has around 550 cadets studying from Class VI to XII and one hundred employees.

Around noon today, an IFP reporter trailed a school van and caught up at Khurai Heikrumakhong. The school van with regd No MN-1A 9965 with three persons stopped and quickly delivered some items and left the spot.

One of the employees caught in the picture has some live chickens rushing towards the seemingly pre-decided outlet. Later, two of them were also seen carrying a large bag inside the same shop where some ladies received the consignment.

The IFP reporter managed to bargain and buy a live chicken on the spot. The items in the bag contained cooking oil, milk, tea, etc.

Speaking on the conditions of anonymity an employee of the school said that a thorough investigation by a competent authority will reveal the truth whether the rations meant for the cadets or the officers of the school are being smuggled out and sold at the local markets.


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