Rs 12761 crores passed in Assembly


IMPHAL, July 6:  A total of more than Rs 12761 crore was passed by the House today in regard to six demands.

The House passed 359,22,13,000 for the Medical, Health and Family Welfare services. Rs 15,95,31,000 for the Labour and Employment Department, Rs 400,57,40,000 for Tribal Affairs and Hills Department,Rs 76,22,53,000 for Veterinary and Animal Husbandry including Dairy Farming.

Further, Rs 54,01,43,000 for Panchayat and Rs 681,16,37,000 for IFCD. The total amount for the fiscal year allocated to the mentioned departments totals at Rs 12761,4,13,007.

The demands were met with cut motions from opposition leader, Dr I Ibohanbi, L Ibomcha of NCP and Th Shyamkumar of Trinamool Congress which were later withdrawn.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister O Ibobi also tabled the state financial report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India for March 31, 2012 and report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

The Chief Minister also introduced four different bills in the House. The bills are, the Manipur Value added Tax (First Amendment) Bill, 2011, the Manipur Protection of Depositors (In Financial Establishment) Bill, 2012, the Manipur professional, Trades, Callings and Employment Taxation (Eighth Amendment) Bill, 2012 and Manipur Municipalities (Sixth Amendment) Bill, 2012.


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