Sit-in-protests on Inner Line Permit demand


IMPHAL, July 5: As a part of the people’s movement for the implementation of Inner Line Permit System in the state, sit-in-protests were staged at different places in Imphal today.

Ema Panthoibi Sana Keithel Lup, Khwairamband keithel Temporary Market Lup and Ima Keithel Lup jointly staged a sit-in-protest at Khwairamband Keithel.

A sit-in-protest jointly organized by Ningthemcha Karong Nupi Lup, Monsangei School Leirak Nupi Lup and Southern Imphal Youth Welfare was also staged at Ningthemcha Karong.

Hiyangthang Meirapaibi Lup, which is an organization of different communities including Kabui, Muslim, Meitei, jointly staged a sit-in-protest at Hiyangthang Keithel.

And Sagolband Khamnam Leirak Nupi Lup staged a sit-in-protest at Sagolband Khamnam Leirak.

Meanwhile, a Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System has been formed to pursue the demands for the implementation of ILP in the state. The committee led by Sapamcha Jadumani as convenor, Sunil Karam of NIPCO, Joy Chingakham of FRIENDS and Mutum Churamani of HERICOUN as co-convenor.

Executive members include Rocky Zimik of Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong, Somorendro Thokchom, LIPUL and Nongthombam Rajendro, ICHAM.

Other members include Kh Ratan, advisor of AMSU, M Angamba, DESAM, Th Premananda, KSA, L Jayanta, SUK, S Punsiba, SWAK, L Jayanata, SUK, S Punsiba, SWAK, Dipanjit Ng, AMSU, Jeme Stephen, Zeliangrong Union (A/N/M) and M Haopu Kom, Komrem Union Manipur.


  1. I strongly support the historic struggle of the manipuris for the implementation of ILP .Though India is a democratic country the indigenous population should be protected at any cost.


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