`State not empowered to enact Inner Line Permit System’


NEW DELHI, July 17 (Vision Communications): Although the Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit, ILP has been insisting that the state government alone can introduce the ILP in Manipur, a senior official in the Ministry of Home Affairs clarified,

“Manipur government is not empowered to either enact or introduce the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulations, 1873. It has to refer the matter to the Centre.”

Interestingly, the Joint Committee which has been spearheading the ongoing movement against the entry of “outsiders” in the state has set November 18 as the deadline for the introduction of the ILP.

Sapamcha Jadumani and other leaders of the movement are of the view that “the Manipur government is well equipped and empowered to enact and execute the Inner Line Permit system in the state. The Ibobi government does not need to take clearance from the Centre.”

But the state government has referred the matter to the Centre with its nod for the introduction of the ILP.

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has already rejected the demand for extension of the provision of Inner Line Permit system in Manipur under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulations, 1873.

The Centre, instead, asked the Ibobi government to defuse the crisis and keep strict vigil on the non-Manipuri people who are engaged in different low paid trades like hair cutting, masonry besides the job of daily wage labourer.


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