Manipur: Ukhrul land feud turns ugly with Lunghar buffaloes destroying Sihai fields


IMPHAL, July 6: In a bid to resolve the lingering tension between Sihai and Lunghar villages of Ukhrul district over the disputed Phangrei hillock, the Tangkhul civil society has today decided to fine Lunghar village.
Meanwhile in an interesting turn of events in the Sihai-Lunghar dispute, 11 buffaloes reportedly belonging to Lunghar village went on a rampage in the fields belonging to Sihai village destroying more than 2 lakhs worth of standing crops, according to police reports reaching Imphal.
It may be recalled here that, a violent clash on June 30 between villagers of Sihai and Lunghar in Ukhrul district over a land dispute had resulted in the death of 3 villagers of Sihai and tension has been persisting for the last few days.
Reports from Ukhrul say, a meeting of Ukhrul based civil society organizations was held today at the Ukhrul town hall to discuss the land dispute and the tension emanating out of it.
After detailed deliberations the meeting resolved to ask Lunghar village to pay compensation for the dead and injured villagers of Sihai under Tangkhul customary law within 45 days.
The meeting also decided to ask the state government not to take up any development works in Lunghar village for the time being.
Meeting sources further said, the amount of compensation to be paid would be decided on Saturday after a meeting of the Tangkhul civil society organizations.
Meanwhile, the Ukhrul police station has registered a case under the Cattle Trespass Act for the Wednesday night rampage of crops.
According to police, it received a report of the rampage yesterday morning from the village authorities of Sihai Khullen. The buffaloes were rounded up by Sihai villagers Wednesday night. The 11 buffaloes were herded from Sihai Khullen to the Ukhrul police station late last night.
The owners of the fields affected in the rampage have complained to the police that standing crops worth Rs 2,30,000 have been destroyed.
Reports say, a public notice calling upon the owners of the buffaloes to come forward and report to the Ukhrul PS within a week is being prepared. The owners would be made to compensate the loss incurred in the rampage besides holding charges for keeping the buffaloes inside the police station.
If nobody turns up the 11 buffaloes would be auctioned for paying the compensation, police sources add.


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