UNLF lambasts SC ruling


IMPHAL, July 2: The UNLF has decried the Supreme Court for passing judgement favourable to the armed forces. A release by the outfit senior publicity officer Ksh Yoiheiba states that on March 25, 2000, five civilians were killed by the security forces at Pathribal village on the pretext of an encounter.

The army had alleged that they were terrorist but the five individuals namely Juma Khan, Bashir Ahmed Bhat, Juma Khan, Md Yousuf Malik and Zahoor Ahmad Dalal were picked up from their residences. The killing was protested by the public and followingly , another ten persons also died.

The CBI in its inquiry held in 2006 also reported that the slain persons were civilians. The accused involved in the case, Brigadier Ajay Saxena, Lt Col Brijinder Pratab Singh, Major Surabh Sharma, Major Amit Saxena and Subedar Idrees Khan were found guilty by the CBI and had submitted the report to the Supreme Court.

The case has been lying idle for the past twelve years, but last week a decision was taken by the Supreme Court to hand over the judicial proceedings to a military court.

The UNLF in the regard states that such an action by the leading court is unjustified ,and not in the interest of the public seeking justice. Rather, more of a free hand has been given to the guilty personnel to counter demanded justice.

The decision will be a surprise to the Amnesty International and clearly exemplifies the loopholes in the judiciary of the Indian nation, it said.

Similarly, in the state, the armed forces under the veil of AFSPA have carried out atrocities and many individuals are still missing and scores have been killed. The protest of the public and the suffering of Irom Chanu Sharmila are sidelined by the nation. Now, the time has come for the public to unite against the injustices, it stated.


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