Dr Thangkhanpiang Hatzaw: Work with love, care and commitment


By Hatneichonghoi

IMPHAL, July 15: A man of extraordinary talents and skill, Dr Thangkhanpiang Hatzaw is man of integrity when it comes to his patients.

A man with the golden fingers, he has performed many a complicated appendectomy operations. He had even successfully completed one in just 10 minutes with minimal incisional scars once.

According to Dr Thangkhanpiang Hatzaw, MBBS (Pat), MS (AIIMS), FMAS–India, retd Medical Superitendent Cum Surgeon, District Hospital C.C.Pur, Manipur he has also done a complicated cholecystectomy done within 15 minutes while most of his other operations are completed within half an hour or so.

During a candid chit-chat with this reporter, he said he had successfully performed emergency appendices operations within five minutes-three times.

Dr Thangkhanpiang Hatzaw was born on December 1, 1950 at Tonglaon (P), Singat.

Recollecting his professional life, the doctor said that through his commitment coupled with God’s blessing he has served as Medical Superintendent cum Surgeon at the district hospital Churachandpur, without the help from any other surgeons that is to say – shouldering both administrative work and surgical responsibilities singly for more than 2 yrs.

Further reliving his childhood memories, he shared that as a child he was very determinant, having a very strong will power, and by trusting God, he believed in himself that one day through God’s grace he will find success in life.

Through his hard work and interest in the medical field, he achieved his dream by passing MBBS in the year 1975 from Patna Medical College, selected purely based on divisional selection mark.

Stepping higher, he became the first among the Chin-Kuki-Mizo tribe to be selected for the course at the prestigious Fellow of Royal College of Surgery, London in 1978 but unfortunately had to leave it due to an Indo-UK Medical Qualification problem.

He also became the first surgeon to undergo Laparoscopic Surgery and Endoscopy training from District Hospital, C.C Pur in 1998.

He further added that by having faith in God, he keeps his work as his highest priority in his life and served faithfully throughout his career without having any communal distinction towards his patient.

While recollecting his memory he said that he had served and performed operations without any communal preferences even during the ethnic conflict during 1997-98 in the state.

He expressed that his greatest joy in life is when his operations succeed.

He further added that by putting forward his capabilities as a senior surgeon and Medical Superintendent for the development and advancement of Medical facilities in CCPur, Laparoscopic Surgery Machine has been installed.

A separate electric transformer was also installed in the Hospital campus, and CT scan machine installed though unfortunately non-functional during his time.

He had also seen to that a 24 hr functioning Hospital pharmacy is launched and due to public demand three paying ward room, one doctor’s sick room and one staff sick room were also added.

As a senior doctor, he said that for the development of public Hospital and the medical field, co-operation between doctors, nurses, workers, and patients and over all public is needed.

He added that one should work with love and care toward his duties.

One should know their importance and should not work only for the sake of salary and duty itself, instead they should work like they are doing charity for the needy.

He added that as a doctor one should not give false hope to his patients, which according to him is one of the greatest sins in life instead one should tell the clear situation and make another condition according to the patients own will.

Continuing his chat, he said that to become successful in life taking out from his own experienced one should always attempt and have the will power to be on the top of every field through hard work and above all to have faith in God.

One should also face every challenge and hardship, focusing on one’s goal without wasting  time and refraining from too much entertainment and enjoyment.

One should also have the capability of updating and gaining knowledge according to the modern education system, he said.

Winding up the short chitchat, he finished off by giving credit for his success to God and urging the medical students to have the determination to success in life and believe in the

By winding up the candid chat with this IFP reporter, he gives his credit to God, and is willing to work in the field of medical in every possible way according to the public demand. He also urged students to have determination to success in life, believed that “If there is a will there is a way ” and to master his own subject and perform better presentation and application from it.


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