Young hero saves 2 drowning women


IMPHAL, July 30: As the car skidded and plunged down the Naga Nullah, Ghanashyam ran out of his grocery shop, risking life and limb, he jumped down the precipitous drainage to save the passengers of the car.

It’s not a scene from a film shooting, but was what actually took place this morning. A silver Alto car MNOIX-6779, driven by one Leitangthem Mema, 41,daughter of Ibeyai, a resident of Thoubal Pangankhong with her companion Akasini Okram, 35, from Thangmeiband Yumnam Leikai were driving along Nagamapal road when a diesel auto driving along the wrong side nearly collided with them. The driver swerved the car and managed to divert an accident with an Activa scooter (MN-OIN/6070) which was driving alongside their car. In the series of event, the driver lost control of the car and plunged into the Naga Nullah. The incident occurred at about 8.35 this morning and the spot was located at the rear side of Nupi Keithel and near the Nagamapal market area.

Eyewitness accounts stated that the car had turned turtle in the fall.

Ksh Ghanashyam, 28, s/o Binoy of Tera Thingbaijam Leirak who was minding his father’s grocery shop saw the incident. Immediately, he ran out from his shop located at Khwai Bhramapur which is adjacent to Nupi Keithel. Amidst the crowd gathered there, he jumped into the drain which is about approximately 25 feet in height and pulled out Mema from inside the car which was flooded from the drain water, the co-passenger also was rescued.

It was mentioned by eyewitness that a huge crowd had gathered at the spot including police personnel, but none jumped in to aid the victims except him.

“The man is a hero, he was the only one who had selflessly endangered himself to rescue the passengers while others were simply watching”, Naba, an eyewitness told IFP.

Talking to the rescuer, this reporter asked what goaded him to jump when no one was willing to act similarly.

“They might have died otherwise”, responded Ghanashyam.

Brandishing scratch marks on his arm which was inflicted during his rescue. He detailed on his effort, “I saw the commotion arising as the car plunged down, I ran out of the shop and saw that the car with its passengers were in a life threatening situation, one woman was bogged down underwater while the other passenger was grabbing onto the car wheels”. The front seat passenger had managed to free herself but the driver was still inside the car and drowning fast.

“The water was up to my neck, I twisted the door handle of the driver side and pulled her out, she had swallowed water”, Ghanasyam recounted. The victim was given some basic aid by him inside the drain while awaiting rescue. “Later, someone jumped in and aided me in helping them, a ladder was laid and the women were taken to safety”, he mentioned.

Ghanasyam is a research scholar at the department of Life Sciences, Manipur University and is the eldest of three siblings.

Due to the incident, traffic remained congested for nearly an hour as women vendors from Nupi Keithel and nearby residents including passers-by halted to witness the scene. It may be mentioned that amidst the massive crowd, he was the one who jumped in.


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