Bangalore Manipur Students’ Association – Activities and Initiatives for Northeast People in Bangalore


Activities & Initiatives taken by Bangalore Manipur Students’ Association (BMSA) with regarding to the safety & Security concern for NE People in Bangalore


1. A special meeting was conducted by the “Committee on Justice for Richard” on 15th August 2012 in the morning at MMAB’s President Mr. Omprakash’s residence.
Members are
a) Omprakash-MMAB
b) Len – Kuki students Association
c) Jonathan- Mizo Students association
d) Joy- Naga Students Union
e) Ninglum- Naga Students Union
f) Vivek- MMAB
g) Dipankar- Assam Society
h) Monica- Social activist
i) Longjam Tony- BMSA

Later, on the same day the committee members attended another meeting afternoon organised by the Naga Students Union Bangalore, at Mizoram House. The main agenda was the formation of “North East Forum”. The Committee on Justice for Richard was renamed asNorth East Forum with more volunteers from almost all parts of the north eastern states. In the evening, North East Forum(NEF) drafted a memorandum to CM  of Karnataka requesting security arrangement for the people of North East.

On the next day morning (16th August 2012), members of NEF met some of the top cops at officers mesh, Richmond Road, Bangalore.

In the evening of 16th Aug , members of NEF met the DG & IGP of Karnataka along with Muslim leaders wherein they have assured us full security. Muslim leaders also appealed to the people of north east to stay back in Bangalore as there are no such plans of killing them.

2. BMSA President T. Tiken, Nongdamba, Publicity Secy BMSA attended a meeting (addressing the issue of THREATS to people from the NORTH EAST in Bangalore) held at St. Joseph College on 16th Aug 12, which was initiated by Local human rights groups. Muslim leaders have addressed that there is no FEAR for NE people and REASSURED people about our safety. Later, have formed a Co-ordination Committee for further monitoring.  BMSA’s advisor  Y. Arun (also MMAB Publicity & Communication Secy) also attended and help us in co-ordination.
3. BMSA – President T. Tiken and General Secretary Longjam Tony attended  another meeting held at Kalyana Mantappa Koramangala on 17th Aug 12, which comprises of Deputy Commissioner of Police, a minister from Assam along with some top cops of the city.

The outcomes of all the meetings conducted so far are almost same i.e. “We will protect you”, “These are all rumours”, “Please stay back in Bangalore, it is safe”…. however, we believe that none of the meetings bore any fruits because  in spite of the security arrangement the Government has made, people are still beaten up, threatened & there are still trains leaving for Guwahati every day. The govt. of Karnataka must look into this issue before it takes a communal turn.

We, BMSA also strongly appeal to Government of Manipur & Karnataka and authorities to work for secure & safety of North East people and in particular for Manipuri in Banglore. We expect more initiative measurements and action from our Manipur Government. We have NO answer when people are asking – Better to stay or better to leave? as “he is leaving, she is leaving”…. Most importantly when our parents are asking lots & lots of people are coming back. What you people are doing? Why dont you come back?

We want self sufficient answers & actions from govt authorities so that we can also able help other students & many others. Help us to stay united and peaceful academic atmosphere.

* The Press Release is being sent by BMSA, they can be reached at bmsa971{at}gmail{dot}com


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