Delhi Association for Manipur Muslim Students condems Pune Attacks


CONDEMNATION – Delhi Association for Manipur Muslim Students (DAMMS), Delhi

Delhi Association for Manipur Muslim Students (DAMMS), Delhi, condemn the recent violent attacks on Northeast students including Manipuri students in Pune since August 8 with strongest possible words. The attacks on our Manipuri brother, Rokuozetuo Ltu (25), in Kondhwa on August 11 as reported in media is not acceptable and DAMMS shows its anguish and protest. Two more attacks on people from the Northeast were reported on Sunday.

As Northeasterners are shivering and living under a shadow of fear and unfreely environment in Pune as a consequence of the  violent attacks on our innocent brothers, the rumours in Bangalore that they would be targeted in retaliatory attacks following the communal violence in Assam has compounded more problems to the students and professionals there. It is reported that thousands of  fear-struck students and professionals continued to flee Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra for the second day on Thursday.

DAMMS condemn the violence in Assam and targeted killings in the affected districts of Assam. However, it cannot tolerate any violence(s) in retaliation, if so, to the innocent Northeasterners community, most of them are students,  who are not at all related with the incident in Assam or elswhere. We will keep on urging all sections of the Northeast community to condemn and protests agianst the targeted violence(s).

We have every reason to get angry and we condemn and protest against such inhuman violence against N-E students, particularly against the Manipuri students, at any form and demand the state governments of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh to take immediate necessary steps to ensure the Northeasterners are safe and staying in a free environment without fear. It also demands that the culprits and criminals who were involved in the attacks are booked under law and take necessary legal actions against them so that such actions are not repeated ever in future.




* The press is being sent by DAMMS. Contact Info : damms12{at}gmail{dot}com


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