Farmers go berserk as rains stop


IMPHAL, August 11: The farmers of state have started to cultivate their paddy field amidst the torrential rain which came much lately in the region. There were reports of non-availablity of water due to untimely rainfall in the state. Now the farmers are so anxious pondering on whether the paddy field would bloom or not.

According to a report received by IFP from the control room of Irrigation & Flood Control Department (IFCD) that compiled reports of the Rainfall Reading Gauge which was placed in five different parts of the state have shown the non-availability of rainfall in Raj Bhavan, Lamphelpat, Kangpokpi, Saikul and Litan counting from 6 am of August 8 to till date. The department has been measuring the ratio of rainfall for 24 hours on every morning by the said department. However, the record which was taken on date 9 of this month has only shows 0.20 mm in Raj Bhavan as well as  25.00mm in Saikul. Though there were reports of non-availability of rainfall for two consecutive days in Kangpokpi and Litan.

The amounts of torrential rain which is to be poured in the region have been failed for the past two days including today. According to the Rainfall Reading record of yesterday, 2.00mm of rain was poured in Kangpokpi area only, not exceeding the entire areas. No rainfalls in the entire region have also been reported for today by Rainfall Reading Gauge of IFCD. Water levels of all the rivers are gradually receding due to the non-availability of rainfall for four consecutive days to the important places hill areas.

However, such circumstances also cause the farmers to ponder much more with anxiety. Though the farmers have started to cultivate their paddy field in such circumstances by producing their own skill and will to harvest in time.

According to the report of Agriculture Department to IFP, it stated that the ratio of annual rainfall to be occurred both in hills and valley are 184.6mm but 36.0mm were poured in from August 1 to August 7.

Besides, a cabinet meeting which was held on August 6 had approved an action plan to distribute 400 nos. of Pump Set to the farmers. Though such steps will not be benefited to those farmers who have started cultivation but, it will be satisfactorily good for those farmers who are about to step towards Rabi Crop, it said.


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