Manipur Students Association Delhi – Condemn Racism in India & Call for Peace

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Manipur Students Association Delhi - Condemn Racism in India & Call for Peace
Manipur Students Association Delhi – Condemn Racism in India & Call for Peace

Ref. No.: 20120822/PR/Peace                                                                                                                                                                                             

Date: 22-08-2012

Condemn Racism in India & Call for Peace
Press Release 22nd August 2012

MSAD condoles the untimely demise of Dolaipabam Mohammad Sharif Ahamed of Manipur, a student of Cotton College in Assam, who was allegedly thrown out of a running train and killed in West Bengal on 19th August. Sharif is considered one of the six passengers of the Guwahati-bound special train carrying Northeast people fleeing Bangalore who were killed on their way. The incident reports the injury of three other North easterners who were first beaten up and pushed out in a racist manner in the ongoing atmosphere of targeting Northeast people in India. MSAD condemns such an inhumane incident.

MSAD condemns the act of taunting, humiliation and harassment of Soibam Arunkumar in a racial manner by a crowd of Delhites on the night of 15th August in and around Chirag Delhi. MSAD also condemns the reported attack on Yuringam and Wungshungmi from Manipur at their rented premises at Kotla Mubarakpur on the intervening night of 18th and 19th August. These few reported instances in Delhi were preceded by the murder of Loitam Richard in Bangalore and the controversial suicide of Dana Sangma in April and the denial of justice. In the past there were several reported instances of social discrimination and attacks. Government’s initiative to address the issue is late coming, slow and inadequate. Against this backdrop, it is logical of the exodus of Northeast students and migrant workers from Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, etc when attacks and hate propaganda had begun.

We are aware that there was killing and displacement as a result of clash between Bodo peoples and alleged ‘illegal foreigners’ in Assam, which is considered to be the reason for targeting Northeast people. The conflict in Assam is the result of the deliberate apathy of the government to address the immigration issue in the right time with acceptable solution. Immigration is a burning issue in Manipur as well. The immigration issue unfolds the struggle for control over land, resources, job opportunity and market monopoly between ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’. The Indian political leaders and concerned government departments are feigning blind to the demand for practical solution but jugging with sensitive issues to fulfil certain selfish motives.

The irony is that the clash in Assam and between Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists in Myanmar is given a racial interpretation in India. Students and workers / employees who were compelled to emigrate due to bad governance in Northeast are racially targeted in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi for their racial affinity to Bodo Assamese and Myanmar Buddhist. The target on Northeast people seems to be increasing in correspondence to increasing number of emigration for education and for working as cheap labour in the IT sectors, hospitals and private companies. It strengthened our understanding that racism renders the people of Northeast vulnerable and unsafe in mainland India. The government needs to spell out a practical white paper to address our plight; for the present and for the future.


MSAD appreciates the peace initiatives taken up by Muslim organisations in particular and other social institutions at such a complex situation. We are thankful to certain sections of the media who are playing positive role in minimising attack and casualty. We further appeal them to co-operate with us in the fight against injustice and for peace. We also appeal to our brothers and sisters in the Northeast to calm down their fury and restrain from racial response for the excesses committed by certain sections of the mainland Indians. Instead we must win them to support us in our endeavour towards peace and harmonious neighbourhood with them.


Let there be peace!




Makakmayum Md. Shafikul Haque(President, Manipur Students’ Association Delhi)

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