New complexities in Naga peace talks


DIMAPUR, Aug 5 (NNN): As the media hype climaxes over the possible settlement of the vexed Naga political solution, there is also equally the complexities that arise with more and more Naga underground organisations throwing up serious questions before the much mentioned `Naga interim solution`.

On Sunday, the NSCN group led by Khole and Kitovi has alerted New Delhi that signing of agreement with only a single Naga underground group will create further trouble.

Today`s statement of the Khole and Kitovi group came few days after another NSCN group headed by S.S Khaplang had given an “official declaration” that his outfit will not accept less than anything that is Naga sovereignty.

These contradictory stands of the various Naga organisations came amid the hectic campaigns by the NSCN-IM brass in New Delhi currently with both the outfit and the government of India say they have reached `a sensitive and crucial stage` of the dialogue.

In a statement made available to Newmai News Network by the NSCN (Khole-Kitovi) group today, the outfit said, “The Government of India (GOI) is reminded that a solution with a single group will drive the Nagas away further because unapproved political documents in the past that insulted Naga history were outrightly rejected by the Nagas. Solution to the Indo-Naga Political problem without the consent of the Nagas has no political validity. Revolutionaries never fail to rise to the occasion. It would be wise on the part of Nagaland legislators to tell the Naga people if the noble assurance to step down from power is based on the principle of Naga concordant signed by top leaders of three Naga political groups in Aug. 26, 2011, organised by the FNR. It is a tremendous decision on the part of Naga legislators in the state of Nagaland to step down in the event of a political solution with the government of India. It is however a futile exercise if a genuine broad based political solution is not found. Naga legislators in Manipur should also follow the same example if Alternative Political Arrangement for Nagas in Manipur is achieved.

GPRN/NSCN (NSCN-Khole-Kitovi) appeals to Hoho and civil society leaders to air their political views with wisdom and sagacity. Prejudiced views and actions only invite dark clouds to gather silently over the horizon in Nagaland. A leader’s wrong step could kill a thousand. GPRN/NSCN believes there is a plethora of young Naga social and political thinkers and nation builders, who must eventually question the wisdom of a single political party seeking a political solution for the Nagas and whether it can ensure peace among the Nagas. Ceasefire with GOI is in operation with others as well. Sovereignty and independence is so dear to the Nagas and therefore any political solution between GOI and Nagas must be agreeable to the Nagas. The solidarity of other peoples and nations is important, yet GPRN/NSCN is fully convinced that unity and understanding among the Nagas is the only way to build a safe and prosperous Nagaland.”

It stated that this statement is issued to tell every single Naga, be it a simple village farmer, housewife, student, teacher, social activist, preacher, businessman, a government servant, doctor, engineer, bureaucrat or a politician, or any  organisation be it a tribal hoho, civil society, NGO, student body at all levels, that undeniably a seed of fresh conflict among the Nagas is on offer and being advertised randomly through the media endorsed by groups and individuals, without assessing the immediate and long term consequences and misfortunes staring at the Naga people and history in the event of one single political group and the GOI entering into a political agreement on behalf of all Nagas. This is the time to awaken the spirit of freedom and oneness among the Nagas.

“The Naga Concordant Aug. 26, 2011 read thus: ‘Having reconciled on the basis of the historical and political rights, the top Naga leaders have agreed that Nagas are one. Therefore in pursuance of this agreement, the following signatories have resolved in principle to work towards the formation of one Naga national government.

To ensure realization of the Naga national government, a high level commission (HLC) has been formed by the top Naga leaders. The High Level Commission shall be comprised of the signatories, headed by either the Chairman/President or the General Secretary/Vice President, and having no less than four competent members in the rank of  Kilonser/major General and above, as found deemed fit by the respective governments.

To expedite this process of eventually forming the Naga National Government, The High Level Commission shall hold meetings without any further delay in the presence of the Forum for Naga Reconciliation as facilitators.’ (Signed by Six top Leaders),” the Khole-Kitovi group stated.

It then asks, “Is New Delhi aware of what pledge Naga people took last year? Are Mr. Isak Chishi Swu and Mr. Th. Muivah aware of their signatures? Nothing is more unfortunate than wilfully discarding a historic decision firmly endorsed and approved by every single Naga with fervent prayer.

GPRN/NSCN has been a silent spectator in recent times observing the brouhaha over alternative political arrangement, interim political body, present state government’s position and so on. The Alternative Political Arrangement for the Nagas of Manipur is well deserved and GPRN/NSCN under the leadership of President Gen. (Retd) Khole Konyak and Ato Kilonser N. Kitovi Zhimomi has declared their solidarity with the Naga brethren in the state of Manipur. Clearly the Alternative Political Arrangement will not cover the present state of Nagaland or Naga areas in Assam or Arunachal Pradesh. It would be a violation of trust and support of Naga people if it extends beyond Naga areas in Manipur”.

The outfit also said it is not a rocket science but a simple political logic that the question of interim government, anywhere in the world, arise only after all contentious issues among the members of non-state actors are ironed out through high level committees, commissions and various apolitical and non-partisan forums. The recurrence of violence and bloodshed post solution is more dangerous because everything is at a transitional period. “A 60 year old Indo-Naga political problem and its solution demands Naga people’s participation with clear vision and direction. If the reported political solution between GOI and IM, is truly a cherished Naga sovereignty and independence, even an orphan whose parents were killed by IM will nod in agreement and maybe live in peace. However, an exclusive and isolated political solution, terminating Naga aspiration, discarding all documented reconciliation process among the political groups in recent times, is a disturbing political step. None should attempt to decorate oneself with medals and trophies clearly knowing such political moves brought untold misery and suffering into Nagaland in the past,” the NSCN-Khole-Kitovi stated.


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