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Pension drama at Thangmeiband

IMPHAL, Aug 6: MPCC Secretary and defeated Congress candidate of Thangmeiband Jyotin Waikhom distributed pension benefits to 709 aged persons at his Thangmeiband Hijam Diwan Leikai residence today, amidst allegations from the local MLA Joykishan.

It may be mentioned that pension schemes under the Social Welfare department were distributed by MLA Kh Joykishan on August 4 and had alleged Jyotin Waikhom and councilor of ward number 1, S Binarani Devi of withholding pension cards.

Clarifying in the regard, Jyotin mentioned that MLA Joykishan may make any allegations but the truth is there for the public to see. The MLA had instigated his supporters to storm the residence of Binarani Devi and further filed 3 cases to the police. Out of the three cases, two signatures were impersonated and thus rejected by the police.

He alleged that MLA Joykishan has opened the BPL items distribution office at his residence and sells kerosene at Rs 25 per litre. Before being elected, Joykishan complained that constructions are carried out without the authorized work orders, after being elected, the MLA is undertaking contract works without the work order for his own personal benefits, he charged.

He further alleged that the FCS agents for the constituency have not been selected. Thangmeiband is the only one still left and this is due to the MLA trying to depute his supporters as agents. Fake signatures were also detected in the forms and hence refused. “Joykishan can even manhandle a petty officer over such matters, it is high time that he acted like an elected rather than a hooligan and spreading baseless statements about me”, he said.

Jyotin said he as a social worker and a functionary of the MPCC have enlisted several deserving persons for the social welfare benefit schemes. He said that the congress government has benefited Thangmeiband constituency, “How much development can an opposition MLA do”, he added.

At the distribution program, MPCC secretary and member of National Social Assistance Program Y Jyotin attended as the chief guest. Chairperson of Bazar committee, S Binarani Devi was the president.

The distribution was organized by Thangmeiband Assembly Constituency Development Forum (TACDEF).



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