School swamped, classes cancelled


IMPHAL, August 27: The sudden incessant downpour that rained during the early wee hours today paralysed functions and management of certain institutions, offices and places lying in low areas right in the heart of Imphal city.

Among all those affected, the Tamphasana Girls Higher Secondary School, TGHSS located at Nityapat Chuthek, Imphal is one such place, when water flooded a major part of the campus, restricted all movement, equally for students and teachers alike and resulted in cancelling all scheduled classes today.

When the Imphal Free Press contacted H Gangarani, the warden of the hostel of TGHSS said she informed the Principal of the school, RK Pramodini Devi soon as water levels within the campus grew out of control mainly due to the ongoing construction works of the main gate and the walls.

The building materials meant for the new construction and repair blocked the outlets and all drainage lines and paths within the campus.

Later, the Principal directed Tombimacha, the chowkidar of the school to contact the concerned Contractors and take up remedial measures to clear the drainages and paths and make way for the rising water all around which has hampered the condition within the campus.

Parts of the Administrative block including the vice principal`s room were partly submerged and remained unaccessible to one and all.

Desks and benches were laid in parts of the campus where people can walk on top of it and remained the only means to get from one place to another within the campus and all classes were cancelled today.

Parts of the Chowkidar quarter inside the campus were also submerged.


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