Seminar on Manipur culture held


IMPHAL, August 25: Various organisations including student bodies concerned over the present change brought into the Manipuri culture by outside influence organised a two-seminar on the theme “The face of a society: A re-look on the Manipuri culture.”         

The two day seminar is being organized jointly by Manipuri Nata Sankirtana Apunba (MANSA), All Manipur Arts & Culture Students’ Union (AMACSU), Manipur State Shumang Leela Council (MSSLC) and JN Manipur Dance Academy Students’ Union at JN Manipur Dance Academy on August 25 and 26.

On the inauguration day today, the function was attended by ShVedeswar Sharma, Secretary of Manipur State Kala Akademi, L Upendro Sharma, director of JN Manipur Dance Academy, S Bheigya Singh, joint director of Art & Culture, Govt of Manipur and Padmashree S Thanil Singh, ex-officiating director of JN Manipur Dance Academy as the presidium members.

Presidium members addressing the function expressed their views points on the present scenario of change in the Manipuri culture brought by the outside influence.    

Padmashree S Thanil Singh said that to bring change in our Manipuri culture, it is time that we need to start thinking whether we need change or not.

Thanil said, “It is time that we need to find out whether the added stuff to beautify the art is right or wrong.”  

“Our art and culture is our identity towards the international communities of the world. Any art has its form but mixing with one another creates confusion. It is a must to preserve the original form for our next generation”, he added.

Sh Vedeswar Sharma said that “a tradition is something which we follow from ancient times, and it is not right to suddenly change it. Due to lack of research in the field has led to the ignorance of many people. Young artist, who are evolving in this filed, should not try to modify the ancient way of performing which has been followed by our ancestors and teachers from many generations. Do not modify it just for the sake of convenience.” 

S Bheigya Singh said that “modernization should not affect the traditional form. The instruments which we have been using from olden days should not be replaced by western instruments. It is just not right. Change is brought by man and so man is fully responsible for the preservation of the original form too.”

Expressing his concern Director of JN Manipur Dance Academy, L Upendro Sharma said that after granting huge amounts from the government through local groups and NGOs, no possible outcome could be seen, which simply shows that they are not doing their job. He further urged the concerned department to look into the matter.

“In India there are very few people left who recognized Manipuri culture. Manipuri Scholars and Researchers should bring awareness to them.” 


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