Steel Komberei – Mary Kom – Boxing – London Olympics


“STEEL Komberei” – Mary Kom

Author’s note: “Komberei” is a delicate, rare and indigenous flower of Manipur. Women are compared to flowers for their delicate and soft qualities. But Mary Kom is into the masculine sports of boxing. So, I gave an adjective of “steel” (strong) to the delicate Komberei flower because Mary’s punches are made of steel while at the same time she is delicate. Incidentally, the Komberei flower is supposed to grow at the Lamphel area, where Mary resides.

August 5, 2012: Super Sunday: Magnificient Mary Kom of Manipur storms into Olympics boxing quarterfinals
Mary Kom (Magnificient Mary) beat her opponnent Karolina Michalczuk of Poland by 19 to 14 points in a round of four bout match. She swiftly advances to the quaterfinals. See related news item at:

Credit: Manas Maisnam
Posted: 2012-08-05



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