Students of Manipur condemn State’s response to exodus


IMPHAL, August 21: In an unprecedented collaboration in the state, several state based student bodies cutting across community lines conducted a joint press conference at the All Manipur Students’ Union headquarter, DM college regarding the present exodus of North East students from Bangalore and other cities and condemning the recent reported killing of ZSU general secretary.

The press conference was attended by the Joint Students’ Coordination Committee of the AMSU, MSF, DESAM, SUK, SWAK, KSA, The Kuki Students’ Organization, General HQ, KSO, Zeliangrong Students Union, ZSU, Tangkhul Katamnao Saklong and the Pangal Students Organization.

The student bodies had jointly condemned the laid back response of the central government and the state government regarding the present assault and threats meted out to the students and professionals of the region in other cities of the country which resulted in several students exiting from Bangalore, Pune and other cities.

Manipur deputes officers at Pune, Bangalore
People of the northeastern community arrived from Mumbai by the Lokmanya Tilak Express in Guwahati Railway station on Friday. Photo: Ritu Raj Konwar ( via: IFP) .  Click to read the news related to this photo

Speaking to media persons, convenor of the student coordination committee, Umakanta Longjam said the Central government and the state government should provide security to the students and other professionals at other cities of the country at the earliest before the present situation gets out of hand and bring the situation back to normal.

Expressing the combine student bodies’ sentiments, he said, the centre’s laid back attitude of just dismissing the threats as mere rumours notwithstanding the fact that it has provided two special trains for the NE students to return home and that several students have been reportedly assaulted in these cities is condemnable.

He continued that even though the centre and the concerned state governments have assured provision of security to the NE students and professionals, there have been no visible actions.

He said the assurances seem meant only on the papers and not actually supposed to be implemented.

Though special trains have been provided for the students to return home, there are no visible actions regarding the security of the students at the real places of occurrences.

Regarding the killing of the ZSU general secretary recently, he said the student bodies jointly condemned the violent act.

Expressing on both the incidents, TKS representative Wungnaosing expressed that it is time for the people and the government to think and focus on the issues at hand.

He said, “Let’s free ourselves from fear and learn from our experiences”.

He further urged the armed groups to stop targeting the students and the common people.

KSO representative, Kakai said, “The present issue of NE students being treated and assaulted at other cities is not the first time”.

He continued though the government has provided helplines for the students, there is no one to actually help them.

He further appealed that the people both from the hills and the valley should come together and unite against the present issue.

He continued that there might be several students among those who had to flee from due to the threats and assaults who could be scared for life from their recent experiences. The government should help such students to complete their education even if it is in the state.

The assurance of security to the students should not be just for namesake, it should be taken up at the earliest.

He also urged the political leaders to desist from making the issue a communal to gain political mileage and benefits.

He continued, “People from the mainland parts of the country has been considering the people of the NE as second class from before and we have been racially discriminated”. The present issue is an outright result of these two factors, he continued.

He further condemned the government for remaining silent even after a student from the state has been killed while returning on the special train. He added that the state government should link up with its counterparts and find out the culprits.


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