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The Manipuri Meitei Association, Bangalore: Northeast Crisis Update and Helpline – Press Release

The Manipuri Meitei Association, Bangalore,  PRESS RELEASE

Bangalore, Dated – August 16, 2012.
This is to inform and update the status as of August 16, 2012, to all the concerned, in relation to the recent tense situation of North East people in Bangalore.
Manipuri Meitei Association Bangalore:
MMAB executive members actively participated series of meetings with prominent muslim religious leaders, social activists, police officers and also with the honourable Chief minister and Home minister of government of Karnataka. Religious leaders along with Karnataka state police officers gave assurance of safety for North East people living in Karnataka. The honourable Chief minister and Home minister of Karnataka also gave strong safety assurance for the people of North East, staying in Karnataka.
So far, MMAB did not get any report of casualty of Manipuris in Bangalore. Eventhough MMAB request Manipuris in Bangalore to be cautious, but should consider the assurance from the government of Karnataka and from religious leaders and stay calm at the juncture.
To all the concerned, please note the following contact details:
Bangalore Police helpline numbers:
+91 080 22250999
+91 080 22942222
Special nodal officer – VS D’Souza:  +919480801020
MMAB Volunteers:

Potsangbam Omprakash (President, MMAB):  +919845216312

Jenial Thiyam (General Secretary, MMAB):  +919845434435

Rajeev Sinha (Vice President, MMAB):  +919886777244
Nirmal Singha (Auditor, MMAB):  +919916747937
Vivek Rajkumar (Member Secy, MMAB):  +919886733647
Arun Yambem (Publicity & Communication Secy, MMAB):  +919886605739
* The Press Release is being sent by MMAB 



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