The Puya – Wakoklon Heelel Thilel Salai Ama-ilon Pukok – Series 2


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Discovery of Kangleipak   (40) By Wangkhemcha Chingtamlen


The Puya – Wakoklon Heelel Thilel Salai Ama-ilon Pukok and Modern Science (Series 2) Discovery of Kangleipak
The Puya – Wakoklon Heelel Thilel Salai Ama-ilon Pukok and Modern Science (Series 2) Discovery of Kangleipak


In the previous article, Discovery of Kangleipak(39), esteemed readers read about the Big Bang theory, extraterrestrial Origin of Life theory in the above mentioned puya vis-à-vis modern science of the west.

Now, the humble writer will attempt to invite the attention of the enlightened readers about the theory of the semen and sperm in the male persons as found in the above mentioned puya, the
scripture of the ancient Meetei race of Kangleipak.

Sperm(Spermatozoon) in the Ancient Scripture of Kangleipak

Britannica Encyclopedia says “In mammals, sperm are produced in the testes and travel through the REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM. At FERTILIZATION, one sperm of the roughly 300 million in an average ejaculation fertilizes an Egg (see Ovary) to produce an offspring… A FLAGELLUM propels the sperm, which may live in a woman’s reproductive tract for two to three days after sexual intercourse, to the egg.”

The “egg” here means the Ovum produced by the woman partner in the sexual intercourse.

Please note the last line of the quotation above and please note, particularly, the life-span of the sperm, two to three days “after the sexual intercourse” in the body of the woman partner.

The above facts/knowledges of the sperm of the modern science of the west is the exact position in the matter at this date in the 21st century CE. As against this, the ancient Kangleipak has the traditions and written evidences in the puya, the scripture of the Meetei Race of Kangleipak as found today in the 21st century CE.

Every Kangleicha knows very well that every house, called yum in the dialect of the  Meetei Race of Kangleipak, in the south western corner of the dwelling house, a God called Sanamahi Lainingthou or simply Sanamahi is worshipped upto this day. The God is worshipped in the inner corner of the house.


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