BJP to support nationwide bandh called by left parties


IMPHAL, Sept 19: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Manipur Pradesh held a press conference today to support the nationwide Bharat Bandh and appealed to the public to support the bandh as it directly affects the general public.

It must be noted here that the bandh was called by BJP led NDA against fuel hike and introduction of FDI in retail.

In the press conference, the representative of BJP, Manipur Pradesh explained that in the recent fuel hike, the cap of only six cylinders allotted per family every year and the introduction of FDI in retail will directly hamper the lives of the people.

Rise in diesel price will lead to rise in price of commodities as transport will also increase their price, school and public transport will also lead to increase in fares.

Also the introduction of FDI will immensely affect small scale business as it will lead to dying of such small businesses.

The Congress led UPA government also decision on a cap of 6 cylinders per family and distribution of the rest of the cylinders to the market, also led to a huge decry from the people as it will lead to selling of cylinders in very high price.

With the country being a country where large chunk of the people still living under poverty and only a few pockets have enough resources to deal with such increase in prices will only lead to the poor people suffering more.

Seeing all this in hand and also the scams including the 3G scam as well as the Coalgate scam, BJP of Manipur Pradesh will actively support the Bharat Bandh and appealed for the people’s cooperation.


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