FIFA turf consultant to inspect Khuman Lampak Manipur artificial turf


Manipur, IMPHAL, September 6: A FIFA artificial-turf consultant from France Anthony Apparially will be landing on September 8 in the state on a three day visit for the final testing of the artificial turf laid inside the Khuman lampak Sports complex.

The consultant will inspect the ground at the Khuman Lampak stadium on September 9 and leave the state the next day.

The Artificial Turf had been constructed in the state under the ‘Win in India with India project” under FIFA fundings. The laying of the turf was done by Lemonta Sports, Italy.

Work on the artificial turf laying had started on July 2010, though the state government had submitted the proposal for the project in 2009.

FIFA had altogether picked four stadiums in the country including the one at the Khuman Lampak for the project.

The other three stadiums are in Shillong, Bangalore and in Maharashtra.

According to the AMFA secretary, L Ranjit Roy, the three other stadiums are already in use.

However even though the laying of the artificial turf has already been completed, however the state authorities are yet to take up the other aspects of the stadium including the spectators gallery, players’ changing rooms, etc.

He further expressed he would like the authorities concerned to look into this issues to encourage the players of the state.

He added that in other states, the concern government’s take up such projects on their own.

The government should consider the completion of the stadium at the earliest so that players of the state could play in artificial turfs like in other parts of the world.

Playing on such ground will help the state players while playing outside the state, he added.


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