Fresh `encounter` deaths in the valley


IMPHAL, September 18: Even as the PLA has carried out various bomb attacks in the valley areas, encounter deaths have also occurred.

Imphal East commandos in an encounter which took place between Yourabung and Kharasom on Sunday  at about 9.05 pm resulted in a suspected UG being shot down.

The incident which occurred under Lamlai police station left one dead and the police recovered a kinetic Honda (MN-IN-1990), one 9 mm pistol ,one handgrenade and a mobile handset.

The deceased person is identified as one Takhellembam Gobin,22,s/o Dara of Takhel Mamang Leikai. Family members mentioned that the slain individual had surrendered to IGAR (South) , Mantripukhri last year. and had an AR pass. He was a RPF cadre and later joined the PREPAK. He was arrested before with a handgun and had been detained under the NSA in the past.

According to family members, he had left home on Sunday, September 16 at about 4.30 pm after being called out by one Amom Aken ,25, son of A Bhubon of Takhel Makha Leikai for joining a feast at Turenphai Village.

There were about six persons including the deceased who gathered at the residence of a widow called Reiting at the mentioned village.

Afterwards, Aken handed over a 500 Rupee note and gave it to Gobin,with the keys of a Kinetic Honda and sent him to procure liquor for the feast.He had not returned back.

The family members further mentioned that local resident and Meira Paibis after learning of Gobin’s death went to Aken’s residence yesterday and inquired how Gobin was killed as he was in Aken’s company. The mob had accused him of committing the  crime or being involved. A meeting was held at the community hall later, meanwhile a team of Imphal East commandos arrived at the area and whisked Aken from his residence.

In the regard, a JAC was instituted today at Takhel following a meeting  held at Ching Tam Community Hall.

A sit in protest was organized and the inter village roads remained blocked. A memorandom ha been submitted to the Chief Minister through J Sureshbabu, Principal secretary (Home).

It mentions that Gobin’s killing is condemned and Aken involved is suspected in the crime. It warned that the law should punish Aken, until and unless , Gobin’s body will not be claimed. The JAC also demanded befitting ex- gratia.

A meeting is scheduled with the JAC and the CM tomorrow.


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