Grenade found inside Old Secretariat Manipur


Manipur, IMPHAL, September 12: Even though security measures have been beefed up following a string of bomb attacks carried out in the urban areas of the state by insurgent outfits on the eve of the 4th General Panchayat Elections, a Chinese made hand grenade was recovered from the Southern Block of the Manipur Secretariat.

The Chinese made high explosive hand grenade was found planted at the Southern block of the Manipur Secretariat where the state Home Minister, Chief Secretary, Chief Election Officer  and other top VIPs have their offices.

The Chinese grenade was found under a Bolero vehicle from the parking lot of the Old Secretariat on Wednesday.

The explosive was found tightly wrapped in a yellow polythene bag and found inside the car parking of the VIP area near a Bolero Jeep bearing registration number MN 01W-2809.

The grenade was first noticed by some persons inside the high security zone at around 3.20 pm this afternoon.

The explosive was safely recovered by a team of the State police bomb squad at about 3:50 pm in the evening.

It may be mentioned that there are a large number of security personnel posted both inside and outside of the Old Secretariat.

The area is a high security zone with the Imphal West District Police Headquarters located at the northern side and the CID crime branch on the southern side.

Passersby’s including other officials at the site mentioned that the attack is clear evidence of the security loopholes prevalent even at a high security zone area.

It also indicates even high security areas are no longer safe from bomb attacks.

It may be mentioned that on September 5, 8 and 9, bombs planted by underground outfits exploded injuring armed security personnel at Keisampat, Kwakeithel and Kumbi. The third one at Kumbi had also reportedly killed a security personnel. The last two explosions have been claimed by a single militant outfit.

The outfit had also claimed that there will be similar bomb attacks in future and warned civil population to stay away from military personnel.

Official sources mentioned that the grenade was probably thrown inside over the fencing grill of the Southern Block Secretariat Wall, as security personnel conduct electronic checking of all visitors at the Secretariat entrance.

Imphal West SP, K Jayanta and IG (Zone-1), L Kailun among other top police officers rushed to the spot which is hardly 50 meters from their respective offices.

The SP also rebuked security personnel posted at the gates.

It may be mentioned that the SP in a press release on September 8 had notified stringent security measures in the city areas following bomb attacks carried out in the first week of the month.

The recovered hand grenade was detonated at Lamphel garbage dumping area at about 5.30 pm today.


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