Naga Mandala – Manipuri Drama in Photos


Photo and Story by: W Rorrkychand Singh

In an attempt to add a new taste in performance using indigenous forms of performing arts, Theater Director, Kshetri Jugindro adapted noted theater personality, Girish Karnad’s play “Naga Mandala” in Manipuri.


Thus begins the narrative of Rani, (Kh Matouleibi Devi) the epitome of innocence and virtue in the play while her husband Apanna (Y Rajdhon Singh) is a brute and an adulterer. He treats her with callous indifference, returning home in the mornings only to bathe and eat his meals and as a last indignity, lock her inside the house every time he goes out. Rani lead an unfulfilled existence as Apanna’s bride.  Click for More details


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