Padma Medicare donates artificial limb to victim of June 18


IMPHAL, September 28: Padma Medicare donated an artificial limb to N Sobita Devi, a victim of the June 18 incident, at the inaugural function of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative of Padma Medicare today at Hotel Classic.

The function was attended by Indrakumar Ningombam, president, ACOAM-Lup, Kangleipak; Dr Ashangbam Vivekananda Singh, MD, medical advisor, ACOAM Lup and managing director, Padma Medicare and Pamda Diagnostic Centre; and A Mobi Singh, president, AMWJU.

Speakers at the function emphasized on the problem of bad relationship between doctors and patient.

Indrakumar Ningombam, president of ACOAM Lup, said that lack of dedication and working only for the sake of money by the doctors has created the bad relation between the patient and the doctors.

Dr Ashangbam Vivekananda Singh said that education is not only about mastering a particular subject; one should also learn to socialize. Due to lack of socialization many doctors failed to have good communication with the patient, which is the main cause to the increasing problem of bad relationship between doctors and patient.

President of AMWJU, A Mobi said, “If you are born as a human being in a society, it is your duty to give some contribution for the society for something.”


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