Security personnel killed, civillians hurt in RPF`s Kumbi blast


IMPHAL, September 9: A bomb attack carried out by the People’s Liberation Army, armed wing of the Revolutionary Peoples Front this morning inflicted several casualties while claiming the life of a security personnel.

The explosion took place at a culvert bridge built atop Kangsoibi Khong, a canal which is located about 3 kilometers west from Kumbi Police Station and comes under Bishnupur Police Station jurisdiction.

The bomb exploded at about 5:58 am when there was a foot patrol of the 33 Assam Rifles coming along the road stretch.

Women staging a sit in protest at Kairenphabi Bazar on Sunday evening. Women folk came out at three different places in between Moirang Khunou and Kumbi bazar condemning the IED explosion at Kumbi on Sunday morning at 5:58am.

According to sources, the blast occurred when some AR personnel were going towards Kumbi side from Moirang Khunou where their post is located. Incidentally, another hardtop gypsy which came from Kumbi Setupur carrying AR personnel posted at the mentioned area crisscrossed the foot patrol. At the said time, the bomb assumed to be triggered remotely blasted injuring the personnel halting near the culvert and at the same time causing damage to the passing vehicle.

Reports further said, at least eleven personnel were injured in the blast.

Among them, one Shrinivas Rao, a Junior Commissioned Officer of the Moirang Khunou AR Post was critically wounded along with another three personnel. They were brought to their unit hospital at AR D-Coy and given primary medical attention.

Afterwards, they were airlifted by helicopter to Leimakhong Army Unit Hospital.

Among the seriously injured, Shrinivas Rao passed away at the hospital and the condition of the remaining three are said to be critical.

They all sustained multiple splinter injuries but the rest are said to be out of danger. The identities of the injured cannot be ascertained as of yet as Kumbi Police has not recorded the identities though a case has been registered by them.

Further, Army public liaison officers including the ‘M’ sector office landline are not picked up when contacted.

A team of mediapersons rushed to the blast site and saw that the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was planted near the roadside of the culvert.

The blast had dug a crater of almost 2 feet underground and wiped out the entire foliage on the eastern side. Some tattered pieces of army uniforms were found near the site. The location is not a crowded residential area and surrounded by paddy fields.

It may be mentioned that this blast is the third one which has occurred since September 5. The first incident at Keisampat was claimed by the UNLF and the blast at Kwakeithel Tiddim road injuring one army personnel was claimed by the PLA. This is the second such attack claimed by the PLA in recent times.

According to Bishnupur SP, Radhesyam, a formal report has been lodged from the AR regarding the incident and the police have taken up a FIR case. The post mortem examination of the deceased will be held tomorrow at RIMS. 


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