Stay away from MCA: CorCom


IMPHAL, September 28: The conglomeration of seven outlawed groups CorCom has asked the general public to stay away from Military Civic Action (MCA) programmes organized by security forces.

The CorCom grouping consist of KCP, KYKL, PREPAK, PREPAK (Pro), RPF, UNLF and UPPK.

In a statement issued by the committee this evening it said, the Manipur public should not forget the incidents of human rights violations perpetrated by security forces on the people of Manipur.

It recalled the brutal rape and murder of Chanu Rose in Grihang village of Ukhrul district by military officials; the month-long operation at Oinam village of Senapati where more than 27 villagers were killed and 300 others maimed, several women raped by security forces; the Heirangoithong massacre of several innocents by para-military forces; the 1995 RIMS massacre; the incident where one Manorama was violated and killed followed by a naked protest of Meira Paibis; the killing of Sanjit and Rabina in broad daylight by police commandos; and the 2000 Malom massacre followed by Irom Chanu Sharmila’s fast unto death.

Besides these, the security forces are responsible for enforced disappearances, fake encounters, kidnap and ransom, the statement said.

The CorCom statement claimed that, the Indian Army started its first MCA programme under the name Operation Good Samaritan in June 1995 to win over the civil population with a budget of Rs 10 crores and today 10 percent of the non-lapsable pool fund goes to MCA programmes every year.

Under the guise of Civic Action, the security forces develops football or volleyball ground, distributes TV sets and conducts seminars and essay competitions and through it endeavour to ensnare the youth and students and the women folk, the statement further said.

Lastly, it cautions the people not to fall prey to the nefarious designs of the security forces exhibited through the different MCA programmes.


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