UNLF Activities are for bring sovereignty in Manipur: NIA


GUWAHATI, September 28: In charges framed by NIA in its designated court at Guwahati, it has said that the activities carried out by the United National Liberation Front (UNLF) are for bringing sovereignty in the state of Manipur.

The leader of the UNLF RK Meghen @ Sanayaima has claimed the admission as a big political victory. He stated that it is the first time in the history of law courts of India.

The 15 arrested members of UNLF were only produced before the NIA Court, Guwahati. The trail may be conducted only after the judge Ikramul Hussain returns from his leave for Haj.

Chairman of UNLF RK Meghan said that UNLF do not accept the charges terming him as separatist, insurgent, secessionist as Manipur was not a part of India and Manipur has its independent existence for more than 2000 years.

Sanayaima said that UNLF did not wage war against India nor the Indian army is taken as their enemy but the UNLF only resist the Indian armed forces stationed in Manipur and to resist those people who engaged in colonial repression.

He further said that UNLF have nothing to demand from the Government of India but instead it is fighting to regain the lost sovereignty.

RK Meghen continued that the charges framed are for convicting the revolutionaries and NIA doesn’t have any strong evidence to prove they are waging war against India.

Sanayaima said that he is fully confident and positive that the revolution will bring positive change in Manipur as the polarization process is on its way. The unethical groups and members are soon to carve itself out and true revolutionaries from different community of Manipur will rise. He added that even the communities of western South East Asia understood that the unity is the only essence to its development in future.

The outfit leader stated that the staged surrender and fake encounters are natural in this struggle but it will never suppress the ideology of the revolution. He further said that the strength of UNLF is the people of Manipur and motivational inspiration is the belief in the history of living together united. He added that strong centralized Indian political power declined when alliance government came into power leading to the decentralization process in India. He said that in near future the regional political party will come into power as happen in West Bengal. He added that it is inevitable as it is the way India has formed inheriting contradiction to political disintegration.

RK Meghen alias Sanayaima said that Manipur is indeed under martial law. He lamented that the people are used only to vote for the elections in the name of people’s power while in fact the real power is in the hands of the Indian armed forces.

Sanayaima said that the formation of CorCom is a positive step. He said that it is formed from the collective leaders decision and it is based from the lessons learnt from the mistakes from RJC, IBRF and MPLF and he said that he strongly believe that CorCom will carry out activities for the integrity of the state.

RK Meghen said that it is quite reasonable that they are political prisoners as their goal is purely political and the most democratic means to resolve conflict is plebiscite.


  1. We support Sanayaima’s leadership for his stand for the sovereignty of Manipur. India should release him at the earliest possible not as their party’s leader but as a leader of the people of Manipur. We have every right to express without terrorizing and harming India for our cause. All he expressed is true and are for the people of Manipur as well. It is time India should realize the ground reality of Manipur; so should consider to leave Manipur now. There are more than what we need for the governance of Manipur as a free nation. We survived very easily as a free nation for centuries and we shall be as a Republic now. The CORCOM is the right group united for the same purpose of our sovereignty. By it we shall have a democratic government not a communist one as it is duly proved by its formation. We want equality, justice and freedom for our future, which is in our hands. we are responsible for the people of Manipur and not by India. India has no right to rule Manipur under its Constitution after we have rejected the Merger Agreement out rightly. There shall be equal treatment and share amongst the various ethnic communities of Manipur irrespective of religion, sex, status, hill or plain. We shall declare Manipur as a hill land locked nation to attract the world community for international cooperation and regional peace. We want to survive as a free nation without disturbing the world community and India. We have more than enough for it. We want India to be our friend by rejecting the status of belligerency built by India deploying its army soldiers under the AFSPA. Our Geo-political location is in the South West Asia not in the North East India as all the states in it will emerge as free nations one after another following sovereignty and independence status of Manipur. India has no right to continue its oppression and discrimination through the policies of election and wealthy imperialism. We want to enforce our own law, democracy and elections only after India left us. We were a nation and will be. None can subdue our political will to govern independently. We have all man power and resources including economic and human even more than India has. We are proud of it. We do not want to bloodshed anymore when India honor our independence and sovereignty. We have dynamic leaders and nothing will be lagging behind us as a free nation. Our Executive, Legislature and Judiciary have their own long history and we shall use them as our backdrop and feedback in the installation of a democratic good governance. We need only a diplomatic honesty from India to resolve the unresolved hidden conflict. It will be better for India to be transparent and credible to survive as the world’s largest democracy. Manipur is not India’s enemy and vice verse.


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