50 bedded mental hospital coming up: Min


IMPHAL, October 10: The “World Mental Health Day” was observed today under the theme “Depression: A Global crisis” here at JN Dance Academy hall organized jointly by the Health Department, Manipur; the Manipur State Mental Health Authority; and the Indian Psychiatric Society, Manipur Branch.    

The function was attended by Minister of Health and FW/GAD/CADA, Phungzathang Tonsing, Director, Health Services, Manipur A Bijoy Singh, Director, Family Welfare, Manipur,  N Achouba Singh, HOD, Department of Psychiatry, RIMS Prof N Heramani Singh and retd Director, Family Welfare, Manipur L Surchandra Singh as the chief guest, president and guests of honour respectively.

Addressing the function as the chief guest, Minister Phungzathang said a 50 bedded mental hospital will be setup at JNIMS soon.

He further continued that it is high time that we take the issue of mental health seriously and not by just observing the World Mental Health Day.

He appealed the doctors and nurses to work sincerely and with co-operation.

Prof N Heramani Singh said 3.50 millions of the world population suffers from depression. One million people suffering from depression commit suicide every year and 3000 people every day.

He further said that according to World Health Organization (WHO), depression is ranked third in the global burden of disease, and is projected to rank first in 2030. To minimise the Mental Health problems it is important to bring awareness to people and again needs voluntary help from people, he said.

In almost all the suicide cases, those people who committed suicide were found having 90 percent mental health problems. So, it is an important subject which needs attention, he added.                   

Director of Family Welfare, N Achouba Singh, said that he feels that there is some sense of stigma towards psychiatric patient in the society. Some family members of some psychiatric patients bring them to the doctor at night time to escape from people seeing them and this is all happening due to lack of awareness about the problem by the general public, he said.

The present scenario of the state also adds to the increasing number of depression cases, he further said and expressed his desire to observe the World Mental Health Day for a longer period. He said that in some countries, the World Mental Health Day is observe weeklong or even for a month as one day is not sufficient enough to bring awareness to the mass population.


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