Arrest of a surrendree


IMPHAL, Oct 17: The banned Revolutionary Front (RPF) has questioned the recent arrest at Hiyanglam of one Maibam Joychandra @ Ronelson son of Maibam Gopal who had surrendered to IGAR (South) on 6 September 2010. In a statement issued by T Leisemba Secretary Publicity of RPF it said, the incident speaks volumes of the secret operations of Assam Rifles by encouraging surrendrees to conduct anti-social activities and create havoc among the general population in the name of revolutionaries. The statement said, AR is using people like Ronelson to operate among the people by giving them arms thereby tarnishing the image of the revolutionaries.

The time has come for parents to investigate whether their sons and wards who had surrendered to AR are still with AR and being rehabilitated as promised.


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