Capacity building for Meira Paibis


IMPHAL, October 3: A two-day capacity building of women human rights’ defenders (Meira Paibis) in Manipur jointly organised by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, Ministry of Culture in collaboration with Human Rights Initiative, Manipur was launched their inaugural function at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul today at 9 am.

Speaking on the inaugural function as chief guest, A Guneshwar Sharma member secretary, Manipur State Legal Services Authority, K Taruni, president AMWSRDS (Nupi Samaj) and Dr RK Ranjan Singh, Chairman HRI attended the function as chief guest and guest of honour and president respectively.

During his key note address, W Joykumar Executive director, HRI lauded the tireless efforts launched by the Meira Paibis in containing the issues and preventing any other untoward incidence which might arise from such uncontrolled use of alcohol within the society.

He also cautioned that a certain section of the Meira Paibi groups and society has of late diverted from its original core value and portraying a ugly picture towards the society especially when financial matters are concern and sometimes due to ego clashes amongst leaders and tend to break up as splinter groups, which is fact lessens the strength it should have garnered appropriately.

Another issue of grave danger is the use of Meira Paibi by some vested interested people in waging their war with flase flag and in the end the blame goes to the Meira Paibis but the actual fruit of the efforts are not enjoyed by people manipulating from behind.

Dr RK Ranjan who also spoke on the occasion stressed the importance to discuss on the ever increasing crime rates in the state. He further lauded all those Meira Paibis despite all their household works at home, still they managed to find time and involved themselves and continue their time and effort to bring about a change,

He was also quick to point out the ever deteriorating degrading social norms of the society especially by the growing youth in the society, where they have lost all sense of respect of elders and their behavious is far from what any one from the older generation would agree in most all aspects of life.


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