Lack of interest


Why are the LDA authorities so sympathetic to K-Pro Infra Works Ltd? Or why is K-Pro Infra Works Private Ltd so endearing to the LDA authorities? What has K-Pro done to deserve such special treatment from Loktak Development Authority chaired by the state Chief Minister himself? We cannot simply believe the explanation of LDA authorities that Planning Commission’s pressure to expedite the project has been the lone factor for extending such largesse to K-Pro Infra Works Private Ltd. The Planning Commission would not have told LDA authorities to circumvent CPWD norms or directives for the sake of expediting the project of Phumdi management in Loktak Lake. In fact, the project which was supposed to be completed in July this year has been given another year by the Planning Commission to complete the project according to LDA officials. So, where was the hurry? Why was a completely new company named K-Pro Infra Works Private Ltd with only a paid up capital of Rs 10 lakhs and no work experience besides being the lone bidder awarded the Rs 224 crore contract? K-Pro being a newly emerged subsidiary of Progressive Construction Ltd (PCL) does not count much. Because PCL was the company engaged by LDA to conduct Phumdi management on trial basis a year ago, which was also controversial. If LDA authorities were not satisfied with the work done by PCL why the contract should be given to one of its new subsidiaries? Why was not PCL given the contract of Rs 224 crore project? There are so many unanswered questions in the clarification given by LDA authorities. What was not explained in the LDA clarification was why the tern ‘phumdi’ was explained in the tender notice, why the lone tender was accepted and whether the firm ‘K-Pro’ had the requisite qualifications or experience to be accepted as the agency for management of phumdi in the Loktak Lake? In fact nobody had the experience of management of phumdi in Loktak Lake or for that matter how the phumdis could be managed? K-Pro was a company which came into being after the tender for phumdi management was floated. PCL is a company which is being listed as a fraudulent company in the books of World bank and it is being owned by an MP of Andhra Pradesh KS Rao, who himself is a controversial figure in Congress circles. Besides the controversy of a lone bidder being given the contract work flouting CPWD norms and a mobilization advance of 10 percent free of interest flouting CPWD regulations IFP investigation has revealed that another 10 percent machinery advance of Rs 22.4 crore was given to K-Pro free of interest by circumventing CPWD norms. The question is why? Even though K-Pro is a subsidiary or sister concern of PCL, it has no plant or machinery of its own to suit the contract and the money to finance the project. Most of the machinery was either hired from LDA on easy rates or from private owners and PCL? CPWD norms and rules have been circumvented to facilitate a total advance of around Rs 45 crores for undertaking the project? So, a serious question on the legitimacy of K-Pro Infra Works private Ltd with regard to the project had to be raised. Before that, rules have been bent to facilitate a favoured company as the lone bidder and to accept its bid on the excuse of Planning Commission pressure. Further, major favours have been extended in way of advances free of interest which is not normally given. So the question on what is so special about K-Pro comes up. Now, another question on the lips of everyone is that who are shareholders of K-Pro and who are promoters of this relatively unknown company. And why does it have such an enormous clout to win a multi crore project from Manipur government? Do the Chairman of LDA cum Chief Minister of Manipur Okram Ibobi Singh have a vested interest in K-Pro? If so, in what capacity? These questions need to be answered.


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