Kohima ǀ October 20:

Eclectic Young Leaders Connect conference is being held for the second time today in Kohima at Bamboo Hall after the successful conclusion of its first session on the 3rd of October, 2011. Organised by Youthnet, a non-profit organisation, in association with the government of Nagaland, this is one platform where largely talented and experienced young professionals from varied fields unite and bring to fore the issues that concern the conducive growth of the youth of Northeast.

Youthnet came into being in 2006 to empower the youth of Nagaland. Young Leaders Connect seeks to develop greater awareness and understanding essentially through ‘connect’ ‘exchange” and ‘strengthen’ of issues that affect political, social, and economic development of our country-viz-a –viz the Northeast, from young leaders’ perspective.
The conclave brings together young leaders from the Northeast India and from the rest of the country, to connect with themselves, and in the process bring policy makers, strategists, entrepreneurs, professionals, members of academia and students on a common platform.

Headed by its chairman, Baichung Bhutia, Co-chair and Director, Hekani Jakhalu, Co-chair Gaurav Gogoi and the Chief Minister of Nagaland as the chief patron, the conference consisted three sessions, each discussing crucial issues facing the region. The topics highlighted were: Moral Leadership is Essential to Good Governance in the first session, Role of Media in Repositioning NE in the second session and Imagining NE and it’s Future was the topic of the closing session.

Addressing the conference, Chief Minister of Nagaland said, “Youthnet should be applauded for bringing in so many eminent speakers to the region. It is a fact that youth can achieve many things if they have equal opportunities like the youth of the rest of India and world.” He also said that one of the main issues that needs to be solved is insurgency widespread in the region.

“We need more role models who have excelled in various fields outside to come back and work for the advancement of their own region,” said Co-chair and former Indian Football captain and CEO United Sikkim Football Club, Baichung Bhutia. Karma Paljor, Editor, Business, CNN-IBN, said, “We need more satellite linkup points in all the cities of Northeast, as transportation facility connecting the states is still underdeveloped.” He also stressed that a strong broadband connectivity is essential so that journalists and media can interact and share as and when there is any situation.”

31 distinguished young achievers from different fields from the entire Northeast comprised the panellists of the daylong conference. Rajiv Chandrashekhar, MP, Karnataka,Abu Metha, Press Secretary to CM and the Founding Editor of Eastern Mirror, Jay Panda, MP of Lok Sabha, Conrad Sangma, MLA, Meghalaya, Jarpum Gamlin, CEO, Eastern Sentinel and Partner Radio Ooo La La, Arunachal Pradesh are a few names among all the personalities taking part in the conclave. More than 200 delegates from business, social and education sectors participated in it.

NEC and Royal Group of Institutions are the privilege partners of the event with Eclectic Speaker Series as the forum partner and Tattva Creations as the communications partner.


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