Several areas of Imphal inundated


IMPHAL, October 11: Incessant rain in the city caused all major waterways and rivers to rise above danger level, according to a late evening survey.

Official reports from the control room of the Irrigation and Flood Control Department, IFCD stated all major rivers that runs in the state is above danger level and still on the rise. Among the rivers listed were Imphal river, Nambul river, Nambol river, Iril river, Thoubal river and Lilong river.

Late night commuters had to wade through the flooded roads in Imphal to reach home on Thursday.

Till this evening, the water level of Imphal river reached 783.525, Nambul river reached 781.375, Nambol river reached 772.275, Iril river reached 782.350, Thoubal river reached 774.4000 and Lilong river as 778.075. 

Among them, the two rivers, Nambul and Nambol rivers are now already flowing above their danger levels of  781.175 metres and 772.052 metres.

Officials sources from the department said, all preparations are on to met any dangers it might arise by the ever increasing level of the flowing rivers.

According to readings taken early this morning at several rainfall readings indicated a record of 8.10 mm at Raj Bhavan, 8.70 mm at Lamphelpat, 7.00 mm at Kangpokpi, 7.00 mm at Saikul and 7.00 mm also at Litan. Further records will be taken tomorrow at 6 am and 7 am to compare, sources said.

Several parts of the main city of Imphal is now under water and local resident are finding is difficulty transporting within the city itself including local leiraks and lanes.

Since most of the areas were all connected with all kinds of waste products including human faeces through open sanitation from within the city itself, water borne diseases are likely to hit the population very soon and the smell pollution is at a record high some estimated when reports last came in.


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