Sit in protest


IMPHAL, October 4: The Manipur People’s Party (MPP) today staged a sit-in-protest infront of its office against a statement made by the Union Home Minister, SK Shindhe regarding the implementation of inner Line Permit in the state.

The Union Home Minister had reportedly said, “Our Constitution will not allow such things. Any sensible person who believes in the Constitution will not pass such a bill” regarding to a Private Member’s Resolution demanding the introduction of Inner Line Permit system passed unanimously during the last session of the Manipur Legislative Assembly held on the July 13 this year.

MPP President, S Umananda, speaking with media persons, said that the MPP take serious note of statement made by the Union Minister because it has mocked the people of the state and MPP condemned it.

In the interest of the indigenous people further agitation will be launch until and unless their demands are made, he added.

Placards saying “Save the dignity of Manipur Legislative Assembly”; “Legislative Assembly’s resolution is the resolution of the people”; “Honour the wishes of the people,” etc. were seen displayed during the protest.

WAD against any forms of violence to women.
By A Staff Reporter
IMPHAL October 4: The Women Action For Development, WAD has appealed the concerned authority to investigate all related cases immediately on crime against women and children which is increasing every year in various forms and trends.

In a statement, WAD strongly appealed the state authority to investigate the case immediately and book the culprit under the law and punish accordingly. The statement further appealed the state government to constitute special investigation team, to deal with such types of cases and heinous crimes as soon as possible.

The Coordinator of WAD, Khaidem Madina stated the WAD strongly condemned the suspected raped and brutal murdered of Kh Cathrine alias Sangthoi Lamkang, 19, daughter of Kh Simon Lamkang of New Lamkang Khumanthak of Chandel district and added, we take it very seriously with heart and soul and consider it as a threat to survivability of girls.

Mention may be made, in the year 2012 (Janaury- August) a total number of 63 cases of Violence against women and girls were reported in the local newspapers which includes rape, rape and muder, rape attempt, suicide, abandonment, molestation and many many more unreported cases, WAD added.

The WAS also appealed to the people of Manipur regardless of caste, race and communities to come together and fight collectively to save our future generation.


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