UNLF on ‘fake’ encounters


IMPHAL, October 3: The UNLF in a press release by its publicity officer Ksh Yoiheiba states that the Indian Security Forces have been demoralized following the series of attacks carried out on them.

To support the situation and the nearly 60,000 troops stationed at Manipur presently, another additional 100 companies have been called in to further aid the military forces. It should be known by the public that such reinforcement will not lead to peace but more turmoil for the general population.

The public should also think of the sudden spurt in fake encounters happening recently which is perpetrated by the commandos and Indian Security Forces. There is no real democracy in Manipur but we are living under martial law and under the specter of AFSPA. The draconian law has been imposed by both the Legislature and Judiciary without caring for the civilians. The Jeevan Reddy Commission recommendations has also been declined by the military and put in cold storage.

The Heirangoi Thong massacre, RIMS incident, Malom killing, Khwai bazaar incident exemplifies that there is no worth of human life here and the recent admission of fake encounter cases by the Supreme Court is just a farce, it added.

The public should know that it is worth to die rather than living under continuous subjugation. The support of the public to the UNLF encourages the cadres to strive further in the fight for independence. The crocodile tears shed by the AR regarding the death of a civilian at the Kwatha ambush is a charade and the public knows it. The additional forces which are arriving will only contribute to more killing and pains to the public, thus precautions should be taken, it mentioned.


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