Christopher Khaba – 12 year old prodigy who plays with own his handmade miniature toys


By W Rorrkychand Singh

It’s common knowledge to all that the world of children is full of novelty, creativity and vision. Isn’t it worth to praise a young boy with an extra quality of craftiness and who enable to materialize his dream/ passion into action?

Christopher Khaba – 12 year old prodigy who plays with his handmade miniature toys. Click to enlarge.

Apart from the said common traits of every child, if one crafty enough and enable to materialize his dream into action?

It’s Christopher Khaba, a child architect, who plays with his own hand made miniature bike, mermaid, snake and other forms of living and non-living things. The most interesting part about his creation is the raw materials that he used to build up those miniatures.

The Christopher s/o P Ketan and P (O) Rebika of Uripok is a child miniature designer by his passion but a calm lad by his nature. The 12-year-old boy loves his toys, playing with electronic gadgets like radio, mobile phone, camera etc and he never wants to throw them away took. In search of a solution to immortalize his old and broken gadgets, he took up a bold step by converting his latent creativity, visions and craftiness in to a passion.

Christopher Khaba – 12 year old prodigy who plays with his handmade miniature toys. Click to enlarge.

Apart from making miniatures from the broken pieces of mobile handset, charger, wires and toys, he also made toys from clays. Interestingly, from the broken pieces of toys and electronic gadgets he made the miniatures of non-living things and livings things are made from clays. He had made Chameleon, Chetek, Snake, Penguin, Kanglasa, Mermaid, Macaw and tortoise from clays.

When enquired about his passion and craftiness, a coyness Christopher told, “While I was studying 4th Std (9 years old) in 2004, for the first time, I made a robot from coke. Since then, I come to realized that all my broken toys can be used to create another toy.”

“First, I planned to make an animal from some broken pieces of my toys and from some of the wire pieces, but suddenly an idea came out and made the bike (shown in the picture). It took three days to ready the bike,” he added.

Christopher who is studying at 7th standard in Don Bosco Chingmeirong, Imphal is also good at painting too. During our conversation, the boy opened his satchel and showed some of his paintings. At my amaze, it has a professional touch too and I had lost at the phantoms of its beauty for almost half an hour.

Since childhood he is always in his own world, what he enjoyed best is brooding alone at a corner of the house and playing and dismantling electronic gadgets, toys, said Ketan.

Christopher is optimistic to continue his profession as a professional architect in future and has a dream to make miniatures of automobile toys in future.

Posted: 2012-11-06


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