Musings of A Desperate Dreamer in Exile: Eche Sharmila, Where Is My Home Place?


Musings of A Desperate Dreamer in Exile
Eche Sharmila, Where Is My Home Place?
Dr. P. M. Soibam, MD (Medicine)
Senior Resident (Medicine)
AIIMS, New Delhi

Eche Sharmila, it has been twelve long years of fasting. It needs a lot of selfless dedication to the cause. However, it is time you did some introspection as to why you have not succeeded and will probably never succeed on your own. Is it the emptiness? Or, the incoherence? As many learned members of the society have already pointed out, we need to look at the problem as a whole. It would be futile to concentrate mind and energy—let alone life–to a single aspect of the problem. Terrorism and AFSPA have to be viewed together. There should be no mistake about it. Unfortunately Eche, you do not appear to have ever spared a thought on terror syndicates that many, including myself, feel have incarcerated the state much like the way an untreated cancer does to the human body.

Light at the end of the tunnel – it’s very dark

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