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Nasir`s `Sangai action` draws resignation call from MPP

IMPHAL, November 27: The November 26 physical brawl at a stall inside the Manipur Sangai Festival involving state Fisheries and Agriculture Minister Md Abdul Nasir and his escorts was condemnable and disparages the whole political environment of the state infront of the whole world, said, ex MLA of MPP, Okram Joy today.

Speaking media persons today at MPP office, the MPP advisor condemned the Minister’s act.

The MPP advisor condemned the Congress for being a wolf in the sheep’s clothing.

Referring to the incident of 1990 when the then Youth and Sports Minister Mutum Deben was dropped from the state  cabinet following the Minister’s assault of a student, the MPP advisor has demanded that the Minister either resigned  himself or the state government drop him from the state cabinet.

Continuing with his tirade on the Minister’s act, he condemned the act of the police manning the venue and said they had remained as mute spectators while the Minister and his escort party were assaulting the victim.

He also continued that the fact that the state police has filed an FIR against the escort commander while leaving the Minister go scot free which is not only irrational but shows the impartiality of the state police force in dealing with Ministers and the general public.

He continued if Minister had been at the receiving end in yesterday’s event, the police would have been swift in registering an FIR against the other and take actions.

It is unfortunate that the Minister had taken himself to be above the law and committed the criminal act, he said.

India is a democratic country which means that it is rule by the law which should be equal for all citizens of the country, he continued.

While condemning the Minister’s act, the MPP advisor said it would not be good for the state if the general public remain silent on the issue.

The state has already witnessed several such issues in the state including an MLA assaulting state officers and it would be unwise for the people to keep quite on the issue.

Taking a dig at the elected representatives of the state, he said representatives of the Assembly seem to look at the state Assembly as a JCB office and place to refill their vehicle tanks is a disgrace to the state House and state    politics.

The law makers have turned into law breakers; which is regretted at the highest level, he said.

Nasir is a Minister, but not above the law and as such the police should register an FIR and arrest him at the earliest.

O Joy further termed Md Abdul Nasir as a man without any political culture.

He has further appealed to the state Governor Gurbachan Jagat and the Dy Chief Minister Gaikhangam to drop the Minister from the cabinet.



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