TET candidates caught up in chaotic traffic


LAMKA, November 27: The hope of many candidates for Teacher Eligibility Test (TED) was shattered today due to the chaotic traffic in Imphal. Several candidates who ventured out for the test were caught up in the busy roads of the capital, which led to confusion and difficulty in finding their centres.

Report of many candidates from Churachanpur indicated that the State Government’s proposal to hold the exam only in the capital had a disastrous effect, as many of the candidates from the district had missed out the test as they were not able to reach the examination centre in time due to the traffic jam.

TET candidates during the exam at one of the exam centres on Tuesday
TET candidates during the exam at one of the exam centres on Tuesday

However, they expressed their gratitude to the Parliament Secretary, Vungzagin Valte, who urged the officials to let the candidates, who were denied entrance due to the traffic halt in Imphal, to take the test.

They further said that the only reason that enabled them to appear for their exam was because the Parliament Secretary and the Education Minister of Manipur took a stand on their behalf.

On the other hand, many of the candidates who were late told IFP that they were made to explain their reasons for being late and thus were admitted accordingly, but some were not allowed to give the exam.

In view of this problem faced by the candidate, many expressed that the centre should be held in major town of Manipur as this will result in the elimination of the problem and will also ease the financial burden for the candidates.


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